Stukas Over Bedrock

13 Sep

Stukas Over Bedrock

Stukas Over Bedrock
Back to the Stone Age

I admit it, aside from the “Life Like Yogi” EP, I hadn’t heard much from Stukas Over Bedrock. This record is a rerelease of that EP as well as other songs from sessions recorded back in 1983. I’m not usually a big fan of unreleased 80’s punk, mainly due to the typical crap quality that usually comes along with it. This is a definite rarity, a full release of music that’s all uniformly excellent. Great job by on the vinyl, they even added a 2-sided poster insert bringing back memories of a time with lots of bands added goodies to their releases. If you liked Stukas before, this is a must own. If you don’t know them that well (or even at all) but like semi-goofy punk rock, it’s worth your time to give this a shot.

Put Me Away
Solitary Confinement

Buy the CD for the cheap price of $10 here and get the vinyl here.

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