September 16, 2007 Podcast

16 Sep


Nothing too new this week, the usual mix of punk/hardcore I usually throw together. As mentioned during the show, I have copies of the Pako CD to give away, just shoot me an email if you’re interested.

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Time: 61:42
File Size: 84.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Disappointments – Loud, Drunk and High (Sex, Drugs and Puke)
02. Pure Hell – I Feel Bad (Noise Addiction)
03. Vomito – Radio Terror (La CirculaciĆ³n en el Laberinto)
04. Reatards – Teenage Hate (single)
05. Youths – Zombie Youth (We’re The Youths EP)
06. Reagan Youth – I Hate Hate (Punk Rock New York)
07. Honor Role – Bowling For Bibles (It Bled Like a Stuck Pig)
08. 7 Seconds – Wasted Life Ain’t No Crime (Superseven Presents Sixty Bands)
09. Necros – Peer Pressure (IQ 32)
10. Strung Up – Legal Dope (split with Direct Control)
11. The Sick – We Will (Killing My Hope)
12. Threats – Armchair Anarchist (God Is Not With Us Today)
13. Snuff – Too Late (Six Of One, Half a Dozen Of the Other)
14. Pako – Eye Urn Sheek (Demonstration Tape)
15. NoMeansNo – Theresa, Give Me That Knife (The People’s Choice)
16. Karnage – The Cops are Coming (Total Terminus)
17. Boom and the Legion of Doom – Bored Cannibal (Hate To Love, Love To Hate)
18. Clusterfuck – Mouthbreathers (split with Rat Byte)
19. Inferno – Ram It Up (Old School/High School)
20. United Mutation – Own Way (Fugitive Family)
21. Kraut – Don’t Believe (Complete Studio Recordings)
22. Willful Neglect – Banned (Willful Neglect)
23. No Pigs – Side By Side (No Pigs EP)
24. The Mob – Upset the System (We Come To Crush)
25. Public Nuisance – Eating Shit Again (Cheap Sex and Booze)
26. Broken Bones – Kick Down the Doors (F.O.A.D.)
27. Criminals – No Victim Here (Never Been Caught)
28. Toxic Reasons – Stuck In A Rut (Kill By Remote Control)
29. Genocide – Bad Name (Buried Alive compilation)
30. Think Tank – That’s Capitalism (What Now EP)

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