September 23, 2007 Podcast

23 Sep


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Time: 60:23
File Size: 82.9MB

Tracks played:
01. The Casualties – Riot (Made In NYC)
02. Bitchy – Rip Off (Black Socks And Happiness)
03. Daycare Swindlers – Donkey Punch (This Is No Way To Make a Living)
04. Alcoholic White Trash – Everyone Thinks You’re An Idiot (I Can’t Skate)
05. Manic Subsidal – Hopeless (Party Animal compilation)
06. Fabulous Disaster – Black Eye (I’m a Mess)
07. The Rejectors – Mercy Killers (Thoughts Of War EP)
08. Hates – Bother (Greatest Hates)
09. The Diskords – Dumbstruck (Dirtnap Across the Northwest compilation)
10. Isocracy – Rodeo (Bedtime For Isocracy)
11. 86 Mentality – Scumbag (On the Loose)
12. System Shit – Brutality Squad (Kill That Fucker)
13. Abortion Squad – Direct Assault (1984 demo)
14. Born Without a Face – Teeth Machine (Worship EP)
15. Spider Babies – Get The Fuck Away From Me (Undress To Kill)
16. The Wongs – I’m A Heartbreaker (Reanimate My Baby)
17. Le Shok – White Tie, You Die (We Are Electrocution)
18. Dirty Sweets – Take You Out (Bubblegum Damaged)
19. Supercharger – Want It Bad (Singles Party)
20. Thee Mighty Caesers – You Make Me Die (Surely They Were the Sons Of God)
21. The Trend – Band-Aid (Electric Chair 7″)
22. Social Unrest – Their Mistakes (Complete Studio Recordings Volume 1)
23. Dag Nasty – I’ve Heard (Can I Say)
24. China White – Solid State (Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself compilation)
25. Bags – Survive (No Excess Bagisms)
26. Black Flag – My War (My War)
27. Chronic Seizure – No Escape (Brainsick)
28. Fear – Now You’re Dead (I Love Living in the City 7″)
29. Dow Jones and the Industrials – Let’s Go Steady (self-titled EP)
30. Rip Offs – Dolemite (Got a Record)


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