September 30, 2007 Podcast

30 Sep


The file is a bit bigger this week as I went about 10 minutes over the usual hour.

Right Click To Download

Time: 69:09
File Size: 94.9MB

Tracks played:
01. Zero Point – Working Class Zero (Hooligans With Cheap Guitars)
02. Blanks – Break Down (Northern Ripper single)
03. Maggots – 2/2/79 (Let’s Get Tammy Wynette single)
04. Skeezicks – No Second Chance (ThereĀ“s A Charlie Brown In Everyone of Us EP)
05. Anti – I Don’t Want To Die In Your War (EP)
06. Bayonettes – Let It Go (We’re Doomed EP)
07. Don’t Look In the Basement – A Bizarre Occurrencein a Small Town Pub
08. Prenatal Lust – Entertainment Tonight (Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation)
09. Beat Beat Beat – Not So Innocent (Cheap Time EP)
10. The Left – Hell (Jesus Loves The Left)
11. Teenage Bottlerocket – Bloodbath At Burger King (Total)
12. Bum-Kon – The Draft (Drunken Sex Sucks EP)
13. Dennis Most and the Instigators – Excuse My Spunk (KBD #18)
14. Helen Keller – Dump On The Chump (single)
15. Tiny Masters Of Today – Pictures (K.I.D.S.)
16. Doggfight US – Skate To Bleed
17. Chaotic Mess – John Wayne Gacy (Raw Aggression compilation)
18. Jesus Fucking Christ – Blood, Guns and Guts (S/T)
19. Forced Anger – Human Experiment (Pent Up)
20. Garlic Boys – The Way of the Fat Boy (Garlic Boys EP)
21. G.B.H. – Generals (Complete Clay Recordings)
22. Subhumans – Nothing I Can Do (The Day the Country Died)
23. Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die (Voice Of a Generation bonus)
24. The Exploited – Cop Cars (Punk’s Not Dead)
25. P&TTTB – Banned From The Pubs (Test Tube Trash)
26. Christian Club – Kill For Christ (Final Confession EP)
27. Pussy Galore – Dead Meat (Groovy Hate Fuck)
28. Born Against – Fuck Yourself (Screeching Weasel split)
29. The Crewd – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Gather ‘Round EP)
30. Chaos UK – Ronnie II (Radio Earslaughter)

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