October 14, 2007 Podcast

14 Oct


A bit shorter than usual this week. Think of it as quality, not quantity. Although the quantity is still 30 songs, so disregard that previous sentence.

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Time: 54:08
File Size: 74.3MB

Tracks played:
01. Melvins – Lexicon Devil (12 Singles)
02. Depraved – Self-Centered Bastard (Come On Down)
03. Death Sentence – Spin Out (If Pain Mends My Mind EP)
04. Absence Of Malice – Words (Awakening EP)
05. M.D.C. – Radioactive Chocolate (Multi Death Corporations EP)
06. Swindled – Hymn 84 (single)
07. Clitboys – So Funny (We Don’t Play the Game)
08. Lewd – Beyond Moderation (Kill Yourself… Again)
09. The Enemy – Bang Bang, You’re Dead (single)
10. Fair Warning – Say No More (Apathy… Never! compilation)
11. Icons Of Filth – Braindeath (Mortarhate, A Compilation of Deleted Dialogue)
12. Toxic Reasons – War Hero (single)
13. Mau Maus – Religious Rights (Facts Of War EP)
14. The Spores – The Nasty Song (Meat Bi-Product EP)
15. Anthrax – All Things Bright and Beautiful (Capitalism is Cannibalism EP)
16. Stains – Political Scandal (Stains)
17. Positive Violence – Matter of Life and Death (New Hope compilation)
18. Sado Nation – Cut Off the Cord (We’re Not Equal EP)
19. SS-20 – Boring, Boring, Boring (The Wealth Of Nations)
20. Scapegoats – Shitcan (Not So Quiet On the Western Front compilation)
21. Punchpuppet – Late Again (Crazed, Drunk Pedestrians EP)
22. The News – Chop, Chop, Chop (Dirty Lies single)
23. Cringe – Spit On Your Grave (single)
24. Scream – Drainage (Government Primer EP)
25. SNFU – Strip Search (Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy EP)
26. Lurkers – Total War (Fulham Fallout)
27. Blatant Dissent – The Party (Hold the Fat)
28. Hatepinks – Tete Malade/Sick In The Head (EP)
29. Dead Virgins – No Cause For Concern (Four EP)
30. Disconvenience – I’m a Pervert (Umea Punk City)

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