October 21, 2007 Podcast

21 Oct


Wowza, it’s the Strange Reaction podcast 1 year anniversary. This is the 50th show (I missed 2 weeks in the past year), which seems like both a short time and a long time to me. Thanks to everyone who have let me know they’ve been enjoying the shows, I definitely wouldn’t still be doing it without the support.

If you normally listen to this show on WGPR and have been wondering where they went, check out http://www.chaosradio.info for their new incarnation, “Chaos Radio”. This podcast is streamed on Fridays at 8:00pm CST and again on Sundays at noon. Being followed by Sonic Overload and Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio leaves me in great company, so thanks to them for adding me yet again.

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Time: 62:37
File Size: 86.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Sluglords – Signal 30 (Trail of Slime)
02. The Descendents – It’s A Hectic World (Ride the Wild single)
03. Disability – Battling Against The Police (Public Service comp.)
04. Artistic Decline – Action Man (Random Violence)
05. Registrators – Say I Love You (Rare Tracks)
06. Cause For Alarm – Poison in the Machine (Cause For Alarm)
07. Capital Scum – Target (Clutch the Flag)
08. Rosemary’s Babies – Small Minds Think Small (Blood Lust EP)
09. Sector 4 – Time (Disclexia)
10. Crewd – Bobby Sands (You Can’t Argue With Sucksess comp.)
11. Youth Korps – Sick of Pain (’82)
12. The Murderers – Bloodbath (The Murderers)
13. Front Line – Blue Velvet (Tarantula On My Cock comp.)
14. E-13 – Humor Demons (No Mercy For Swine EP)
15. STD – Surf And Kill (Another Dead Asshole EP)
16. Oblivions – I’m Not a Sicko, There’s a Plate In My Head (Soul Food)
17. Christ On Parade – Landlord Song (Sounds of Nature)
18. Sons of Ishmael – Lefty Get Serious (Mimsy With the Borogoves)
19. The Fix – Truth Right Now (Jan’s Room EP)
20. Negative Element – Police Beat (On Me) (Yes, We Have No Bananas!)
21. Endtables – The Defectors (Endtables EP)
22. Blunt Instrument – No Excuse (single)
23. Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules (single)
24. Jack Tragic and the Unfortunates – Zodiac (Coming Down Like a Hammer)
25. Braniacs – Take Me To Paris (Don’t Tell Me Why EP)
26. Cloak/Dagger – Electrocution (Pinata EP)
27. Urban Waste – Public Opinion (Urban Waste EP)
28. Career Suicide – No Bullshit (No Bullshit Volume 1 comp.)
29. Some Girls – Dead in a Web (Heaven’s Pregnant Teens)
30. Pedestrians – Endangering Public Safety (Pedestrians EP)

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Anything and everything is appreciated, thanks!

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