22 Oct


Crime Through Time

Originally formed in 1978, Demob went through a few lineup changes over the years, in between break ups of course. They were most currently active in 2005 according to sources I’ve been able to find, although they may very well be kicking at the moment, I’m honestly not sure. Their web presence is pretty much down to a few interviews and the same press bit from 2002 when they did their first big reunion tour, with the site Demob-Punk being the most polished but still not updated recently. In any case, on to the record. There have been a couple of Demob compilations over the years, but none on vinyl until now. One of the latest releases from, this is a great package with 17 absolutely great tracks. Putting together a best of from 1978-2004, punkrecords has made this is a great place to go if you’ve either never heard the band or just want to get a fairly definitive release with some good inserts and colored vinyl to boot. I can’t say I’ve been a die hard Demob fan through the years, but I chalk that up mainly to a lack of actual releases to snag. After spinning this many, many times I can now put Demob way up my list of classic punk bands that need more attention then they get. Check this out if you’re into older UK punk or even Oi! music, it sort of straddles the line. Fucking great stuff all around. Sing-along choruses, sprawling guitar riffs, this album is just fantastic.

Try these tracks out and see what you think:
Crime Through Time
Anti Police

Buy this vinyl directly from the source,

Update: Thanks to John for letting me know the band is alive and well. Visit their Myspace page here.

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2 Responses to “Demob”

  1. 1
    John Liedown Says:

    Gloucester’s finest & still very much active. Still a cracking live band as well.

  2. 2
    Andy K Says:

    Hi Lance, Andy K of Demob here, thanx for the album review but as is mention about line-up change etc, there is legal proceedings in the balance but I can inform you mate that Demob are very much alive and kicking with a new line-up with myself the only original member, so if there is anything I can help you with just let me know and I will oblige in any way I can.

    cheers for now

    Andy K (DEMOB)

    “once punk always punk”

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