October 28, 2007 Podcast Halloween Edition

28 Oct


The show ran a bit longer than usual this week due to the lack of 35 second hardcore songs and the Halloween theme. Hope you like the tunes. This should do it for themed shows until Christmas hits. Happy October 31st!

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Time: 76:53
File Size: 105MB

Tracks played:
01. God Bullies – Monster Jesus (Dog Show)
02. Elvis Hitler – Ghouls (Beautiful Happiness compilation)
03. Horror of ’59 – Graveyard Beyond the Woods (Screams From the Cellar)
04. Antiseen – Haunted House (Hell)
05. Griptape – Skate Zombie (Attack of the Skate Zombies)
06. Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 – Give Her To the Devil (Viva Las Violence)
07. Los Straitjackets – Jack the Ripper (Play Favorites)
08. Nightmare At Hanging Rock – Bloody Eyeball (Serial Killers)
09. The Monsters – The Creature From the Black Lagoon (This Is Horrorpunk compilation)
10. The Exotic Ones – I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin (Go Ape Wild)
11. DDT – I Am The Axe Murderer (Broken Toy)
12. Dead Kennedys – Halloween (Plastic Surgery Disasters)
13. Mentally Ill – Gacy’s Place (The Undiscovered Corpses)
14. Terveet Kadet – The Devil Christ (Halloween)
15. Kids Like Us – Motherfuck Crystal Lake (The 80’s Are Dead)
16. The EverDead – The Evil Dead (Slumber Party Massacre II)
17. The Mad – I Wanna Be a Devil (We Love Noize)
18. Inferno – Possessed By the Devil (Old School/High School)
19. G.G. Allin – Devil’s Prayer (Rock ‘n’ Roll Terrorist)
20. The Freeze – Halloween (Land of the Lost/Rabid Reaction comp)
21. The Undead – Be My Ghoul (Still Undead After All These Years)
22. The Cramps – I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1979 Ohio Demos)
23. Horrors – Horror’s Theme (Strange House)
24. Misfits – Night of the Living Dead (12 Hits From Hell)
25. Ill Repute – Monster Mash (Positive Charged)
26. GBH – Transylvanian Perfume (No Need To Panic)
27. Sloppy Seconds – The Horror Of Party Beach (Destroyed)
28. The Jabbers – Vampire Girlfriend (American Standard)
29. The Crimson Ghosts – Fastro Zombies (Some Kinda Hits)
30. Blanks 77 – Fuck Halloween (Disarming Violence)

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