November 4, 2007 Podcast

04 Nov


If you’ve had trouble with my podcast feed lately, my apologies. I’m working on the reason that the posts are being truncated.

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Time: 59:00
File Size: 81.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Legion of Parasites – Party Time (Undesirable Guests EP)
02. Nihilistics – I’m A Patriot (Nihilistics)
03. Cross Laws – Warning Signs (Ancient Rites EP)
04. No Fraud – Don’t Let Me Grow Old (The EP)
05. Rhythm Pigs – The Quest (An American Activity)
06. Nojons – Momma (Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Satan) (Night of the Nojons)
07. Manges – Rumble In Chinatown (Rocket To You)
08. Fits – Too Many Rules (You’re Nothing, Your Nowhere)
09. The Queers – Cretin Hop (Rocket To Russia)
10. Jesus Christ Superfly – Action Girl (I Don’t Wanna Be Crazy)
11. Suicide Commandos – Complicated Fun (The Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert)
12. Zeroes – Wild Weekend (Don’t Push Me Around)
13. Screw 32 – Misunderstood (Under the Influence of Bad People)
14. Dirty Needles – Police Informant (Justine’s a Junkie single)
15. F-Minus – Can’t Tell No One (Won’t Bleed Me/Failed Society)
16. Abrasive Wheels – Criminal Youth (The Riot City Years)
17. Anti Nowhere League – Let’s Break The Law (Complete Singles Collection)
18. State – No Illusions (Nixed Life)
19. U.K. Subs – Postcard from L.A (P.E.A.C.E. compilation)
20. Krum Bums – Last Breath (As the Tide Turns)
21. Harpoon Guns – Mutant (Harpoon Guns EP)
22. Depraved – Fucked Up (Come On Down)
23. The Target Cells – Shot On the Spot (Hardcore From the Early Days compilation)
24. Brutal Knights – Grow Up Throw Up (Feast of Shame)
25. Black Market Baby – Drunk and Disorderly (Coulda… Shoulda… Woulda)
26. SSD – Police Beat (The Kids Will Have Their Say)
27. FU’s – Boston’s Finest (My America)
28. Impact Unit – Dead Meat (My Friend the Pit EP)
29. Groinoids – Angel (This Is Boston, Not LA compilation)
30. Jerry’s Kids – Cracks In The Wall (Is This My World?)

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