December 2, 2007 Podcast

02 Dec


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Time: 66:18
File Size: 91.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation (Spurts)
02. Wrecks – Punk is an Attitude (Teenage Jive)
03. The Left – 5 AM.mp3 (Jesus Loves The Left)
04. The Briefs – 22nd Century Man (Off the Charts)
05. Armitage Shanks – Are ‘Friends’ Electric (25 Golden Showers)
06. The Commies – Drop That Needle (Rock-n-Roll Alone)
07. D.I. – Johnny’s Got A Problem (Richard Hung Himself)
08. T.M.A. – Surf Nazi (What’s For Dinner)
09. Cracked Actor – Nazi School (Killed By Death #5)
10. Some Action – Done With You (The Band That Sucked The Life Out Of Rock ‘n Roll And Killed Itself In The Process)
11. Abrasive Wheels – Danger, Danger (When the Punks Go Marching In)
12. Attak – Big Brother (Zombies)
13. Menace – The Young Ones (Screwed Up)
14. Angelic Upstarts – Kids On the Street (2,000,000 Voices)
15. Chaos UK – Army (The Riot City Years)
16. Snuff – Hazy Shade Of Winter (Flibbiddydibbiddydob)
17. Zodiac Killers – I Wanna Be a Pornstar (Radiation Beach)
18. Violent Society – It’s Only Your Life (Not Enjoyin’ It)
19. DYS – Circle Storm (Brotherhood)
20. Uniform Choice – Build To Break (Screaming For Change)
21. Wretched Ones – You’re Doing It Wrong (Make It Happen)
22. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – Shut Up And Play (Hot Shit)
23. US Bombs – Go Back Home (Nevermind the Open Minds)
24. Articles Of Faith – Five O’Clock (Complete Volume 1)
25. Set To Explode – Don’t Fuckin’ Care (Set To Explode EP)
26. Braineaters – Last Date (I, Braineater)
27. Autistics – Get a Job (Turn Up the Volts)
28. Meaty Buys – New Freedumb (Cut a Fart)
29. Crash Kills Five – Special School (What Do You Do At Night single)
30. Active Ingredients – I Hate MTV (Bringing Down the Big Boys)

Anything and everything is appreciated, thanks!

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