December 30, 2007 Podcast

30 Dec


Back after a one week hiatus. I was toying with a “best of 2007” retrospective, but the lazy side of me surfaced, so we’re back with a regular show. Happy New Year all, see you in 2008.

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Time: 62:01
File Size: 85.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Behind Enemy Lines – Hooked On Christ (The Global Cannibal)
02. Dementia – What You Hide (Await Disaster EP)
03. 86 Mentality – Fall In Line (On the Loose)
04. Scurvy Dogs – Pimp (Relieve Yourself)
05. Direct Control – A.D.D (Split with Strung Up)
06. The Sick – We Will (Killing My Hope)
07. Floorpunch – No Exceptions (Fast Times at the Jersey Shore)
08. Think I Care – Nowhere Man (World Asylum)
09. Time To Escape – Wasted Time (demo)
10. Terminal State – All In My Head (Your Rules)
11. Flesh Eaters – Police Gun Jitters (No Questions Asked)
12. Sewer Zombies – Executive Execution (Reach Out and…)
13. Reducers – No Ambition (Out Of Step single)
14. Hates – New Spartans (No Talk In the Eighties)
15. Satan’s Rats – You Make Me Sick (Whatta Bunch of Rodents)
16. Piss Drunks – Good to Go (Urine Idiot)
17. Rat Byte – Wait (split with Clusterfuck)
18. Convicted – Bomb Bop (Clockwork Orange County compilation)
19. Insurgent Kid – Getting In For Free (Paranoia)
20. Upright Citizens – Now or Never (Bombs Of Peace EP)
21. T.S.O.L. – Man And Machine (Weathered Statues)
22. Self Abuse – State of Mind ((I Didn’t Wanna Be A) Soldier)
23. The Vicious – Given Up (Alienated)
24. Wasted Youth – Tormented (Get Out Of My Yard)
25. Waste – Coffee Bar Revolutionary (Not Just Something To Be Sung)
26. Bad Brains – Jah People (Build a Nation)
27. Citizens Arrest – Without Peace (A Light In the Darkness)
28. Red Scare – Looking For Why (Then There Were None)
29. Tools – Smoke Filled Rooms (single)
30. Blight – Armageddon (Detroit… The Dream Is Dead)

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