January 6, 2008 Podcast

06 Jan


A little shorter than usual this week. I’ll try to throw another 15 minute Jello Biafra with D.O.A. song in the mix next time. Kidding.

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Time: 54:11
File Size: 74.4MB

Tracks played:
01. Chronic Seizure – Can’t Live (No Bullshit Volume 3 compilation)
02. Outpatients – Land of the Lost (ST)
03. Neon Christ – Parental Supression (EP)
04. Vox Pop – Just Like Your Mom (single)
05. Repellents – Livin’ Like An Animal (The Master Tape compilation)
06. Outbreak – Single File (split with Only Crime)
07. Against Me – The Disco Before the Breakdown (single)
08. Conflict – See What I’ve Done (This Is Phoenix, Not the Circle Jerks compilation)
09. Criminals – Parlez-vous Fuk You (Never Been Caught)
10. The Stripes – Weekend Love (My Girlfriend Was a Punk compilation)
11. Afterbirth – I Reject (Sloppy Seconds EP)
12. The Drills – I’m Normal (Skull Death 2)
13. Urban Waste – Wasted Life (ST EP)
14. Rosemary’s Babies – Talking to the Dead (Blood Lust)
15. Violent Children – Culture Sucks (ST EP)
16. Agnostic Front – Last Warning (Victim In Pain)
17. Cro-Mags – Show You No Mercy (Age of Quarrel)
18. Murphy’s Law – Push Comes To Shove (Back With a Bong)
19. Gorilla Biscuits – Hold Your Ground (ST EP)
20. Sick Of It All – G.I. Joe Head Stomp (Blood, Sweat and No Tears)
21. Scared Straight – Another Day (Born To Be Wild EP)
22. No Trend – Cancer (ST EP)
23. Spider Babies – Ain’t Been Beat (All Fucked Up)
24. Dayglo Abortions – Scientology (Holy Shiite)
25. No Use For A Name – What (The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation)
26. Blanks 77 – Max Alert (Speed single)
27. Demons – You’re Gonna Trash Me (Riot Salvation)
28. Subversives – Lost Generation (Protest & Dance)
29. Down Syndrome – Solitary Confinement (ST)
30. I.D. Under – Suburban Cops (Lords of Nothing)

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