Chaos Radio

07 Jan, a site that streamed Strange Reaction weekly, has gone. In its place a new site named Chaos Radio has risen. Check them out for regular punk/hardcore streaming music and different shows such as Maximum Rock n Roll Radio, Sonic Overload and my meager podcast (played Saturday nights at 9pm CST).

Chaos Radio

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2 Responses to “Chaos Radio”

  1. 1
    Roc Says:

    is chaos radio dead? i did a search for it and this was the first site i saw that said anything about it. it stopped working for a while and i gave up waiting for it to start playing again. when i checked there today it looks as though the whole site was deleted!

  2. 2
    Scott Says:

    The URL appears to have died. Go to and you’ll see Chaos Radio as one of their station choices.

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