January 13, 2008 Podcast

13 Jan


A regular, just-under-an-hour show this week. Any requests? Feel free to shoot me an email: scott AT strangereaction.com.

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Time: 56:37
File Size: 77.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Subhumans – Curl Up and Die (Unfinished Business EP)
02. Rudimentary Peni – Teenage Time Killer (The EP’s of RP)
03. Huns – Glad He’s Dead (single)
04. American Dream – False Accusation (Identity Crisis EP)
05. Fugazi – In Defense of Humans (State of the Union compilation)
06. Hatepinks – In The Front (Tete Malade/Sick In the Head)
07. Inmates – I’m So Scummy (Assholes Unanimous)
08. Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass (Group Sex)
09. The Germs – American Leather (MIA)
10. Youth Gone Mad – Ode To Darby (Buried Alive compilation)
11. Screamers – Government Love Affair (1977-1978 Demos)
12. Bags – We Will Bury You (All Bagged Up)
13. Mean Red Spiders – Rejected at the High School Dance (Last of the Teen Idols)
14. Fuck Ups – I Think You’re Shit (The You’ll Hate This Record Record compilation)
15. Snivelling Shits – I Can’t Come (Demo) (I Can’t Come)
16. Plain Wrap – Emotional Takeover (Original Music For a Generic World)
17. Wongs – Can’t Stop Me (Reanimate My Baby)
18. Kaos – Alcoholiday (Product of a Sick Mind EP)
19. The (Fucken) Leftovers – Cigarettes And Alcohol (single)
20. The Dark – You Got What You Wanted (New Hope compilation)
21. Husker Du – It’s Not Funny Anymore (Metal Circus)
22. Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker (Tossing Seeds)
23. Government Issue – Mad At Myself (Complete History Volume 1)
24. Naked Raygun – Rat Patrol (Throb Throb)
25. Zyklon-B – Two Faced (Death to Nazi Scum)
26. Teengenerate – Kicked Out Of The Webelos (Get Action)
27. Spitzz – I’m Not Alive (single)
28. Corrupted Morals – What (Think About It EP)
29. No Thanks – Poseur (Are You Ready To Die? EP)
30. Retardos – Up Yours (The Retardos)

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