January 20, 2008 Podcast

20 Jan


If you haven’t purchased the Unseen Force CD that Grave Mistake recently reissued, you’re really missing out. Check their site for purchasing info and snag some other records while you’re there. Alex always ships fast and his prices are great.

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Time: 62:37
File Size: 86.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Coke Bust – Fumigation (Fuck Bar Culture)
02. Vietnam-HC – I’ve Been Poisoned (demo)
03. Concrete Facelift – Cellar Dwellar (Loud, Fast, Raw)
04. Guilty Faces – No Point At All (demo)
05. Crawlers – I’ve Met Cooler Hippies (Crawlers)
06. Unseen Force – Jesus Slaves (In Search of the Troops)
07. Groinoids – Empty Skull (Unsafe At Any Speed compilation)
08. Half Life – Under The Knife (All Our Yesterdays)
09. Dow Jones & the Industrials – Set Yourself On Fire (Hoosier Hysteria)
10. Claude Coma and the I.V.’s – Menace to Society (Art From Sin)
11. Reprobates – Brainwashed (demo)
12. Youths – Generationless (single)
13. Ugly Law – No You Didn’t (Ugly Law)
14. Lost Cause – No Justice (Lost Cause EP)
15. Savage Circle – Hardcore Rules (Kill Yourself EP)
16. Chronic Disorder – Gluttony (Fred EP)
17. Hanson Brothers – Blitzkreig Hops (Gross Misconduct)
18. Logical Nonsense – Enemy Within (Soul Pollution)
19. No Alternative – Rockabilly Rumble (Make Guns Not Love)
20. Second Wind – Knock On Wood (Security)
21. Only Crime – Brand New Scene (split with Outbreak)
22. Black Flag -Jealous Again (Everything Went Black)
23. Bang Gang – Dickhead (Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation)
24. Cardiac Arrest – Fat Lord (No Bullshit Volume 2 compilation)
25. Ill Repute – President (Nardcore compilation)
26. The Cripples – Hypnotize (Cruising soundtrack)
27. Bullet Lavolta – Sonic Reducer (Every Hungry Rabbit single)
28. Lights Out – No Way (Overload)
29. Electric Frankenstein – Blackout (single)
30. Rocket 69 – Somebody’s Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonight) (Demolition Diary)

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