January 27, 2008 Podcast

27 Jan


The software I normally use to record my voice decided to stop working for some reason, so I’ve been forced to try another one and man, it blows. If the sound level for the breaks are off, my apologies. If you have any software suggestions, feel free to send ’em my way!

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Time: 59:01
File Size: 81.0MB

Tracks played:
01. Bad Posture – Get Tough (GDMFSOB)
02. Personality Crisis – Piss On You (Somedy’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something)
03. Public Disturbance – Strangler (PUblic Disturbance)
04. Grim – No Respect (Getting Revenge in ‘merica)
05. Honor Role – New Hope (It Bled Like a Stuck Pig)
06. Shitdogs – Not Responsible (N.O. Experience Necessary compilation)
07. Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate (single)
08. Marching Plague – Mom and Dad (Rock ‘n’ Roll Asshole EP)
09. Dischords – Truth Comes Out (Dirty Habits)
10. Chronic Sick – Public Suicide (Cutest Band In Hardcore)
11. The Crowd – Time’s Up (Letter Bomb) reissue by TKO, Buzzcocks cover
12. The Victims – Open Your Eyes (Murder Punk Volume 2 boot)
13. Fun Things – Lipstick (EP)
14. Count Vertigo – X-Patriots (single)
15. Red Cross – I Hate My School (Red Cross EP)
16. Le Shok – TV In My Eyes (We Are Electrocution)
17. Young Wasteners – Walking Abortion (We Got Ways)
18. Derelicts – I Don’t Wanna Live (Going Out of Style 1986-1990)
19. Billyclub – Rat Cafe (Punk As Fuck, split with G.B.H.)
20. Offenders – Lost Causes (single)
21. Cockney Rejects – Police Car (Greatest Hits Vol. 1)
22. Adicts – Don’t Exploit Me (Ultimate Adiction)
23. The Ruts – Criminal Mind (The Crack)
24. Spelling Mistakes – Hate Me Hate Me Hate Me (AK 79 compilation)
25. The Adverts – Gary Gilmore’s Eyes (Crossing the Red Sea)
26. Regulations – Protect and Serve (Electric Guitar)
27. Negative Approach – Nothing (Negative Approach EP)
28. Disappointments – Strike A Bow (No Charades single)
29. Agression – Ripped Off (Grind Kings)
30. Destroy L.A. – Waste Of Life (Vandalize EP)

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