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February 24, 2008 Podcast

24 Feb

[audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 58:57 File Size: 80.9MB Tracks played: 01. 4-Squares – Subject to Change (Madman EP) 02. Witches With Dicks – One Whopper For The Copper (Manual) 03. Deep Sleep – Alone With You (You’re Screwed) 04. Disappointed Parents – American Rebel (Am I Getting Through?) 05. Forced Anger – Human […]

February 17, 2008 Podcast

17 Feb

[audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 54:48 File Size: 75.2MB Tracks played: 01. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power EP) 02. Social Circkle – Life Crisis (I’ve Got Afflictions EP) 03. Civic Progress – Falling Apart (Disposable EP) 04. Out Cold – Menticide (No Bullshit Volume 3 compilation) 05. Corrupted Morals – Big […]

February 10, 2008 Podcast

10 Feb

A new show this week. My regular podcast-creating software has shit the bed and I can’t seem to revive it. I’ve tried a few others and they all seem to suck in one way or another. The one used this week gives my voice some truly annoying “pops”. My apologies. If anyone has a recommendation […]

February 3, 2008 Podcast (a repeat)

03 Feb

Sorry, no new show this week due to a family emergency. A repeat from February 24th, 2007 is what you see before you. New show next week, promise. [audio:] Right Click To Download Time: 00:00 File Size: 00.0MB Tracks played: 01. The Bags – We Will Bury You (No Excess Bagisms) 02. Active Ingredients – […]

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