February 3, 2008 Podcast (a repeat)

03 Feb


Sorry, no new show this week due to a family emergency. A repeat from February 24th, 2007 is what you see before you. New show next week, promise.

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Tracks played:
01. The Bags – We Will Bury You (No Excess Bagisms)
02. Active Ingredients – Service With a Smile (Bringing Down the Big Boys)
03. Angry Samoans – Pictures of Matchstick Men (Return to Samoa)
04. Lethal Yellow – Velveeta (Declaration of Retardation)
05. Bedlam Hour – Get Off (the Drugs) (Rock the Cradle)
06. Crucial Youth – Positive Dental Outlook (Singles Going Straight compilation)
07. The Essentials – Johnny (Fast Music In a Slow Town single)
08. Plugz – Let Go (Electrify Me)
09. Tools – Hard Wark (single)
10. Second Wind – Above Us All (Security)
11. Thought Criminals – More Suicides Please (Food For Thought Criminals)
12. BVD – Look Out the Cops (Killed By Epitaph)
13. D.O.A. – Rent a Riot (Lost Tapes)
14. Vomit Thrower – Dying Breed (2004 Demo)
15. Anti – Club Me Like A Baby Seal (The Hardcore Years compilation)
16. Graven Image – Close Your Eyes (Kicked Out of the Scene)
17. Quincy Punx – Murder At The Senior Prom (Stuck On Stupid)
18. Society Dog – The Baby Is Dead (Off the Leash)
19. Pandemonium – No Reaction (Who the Fuck Are You?)
20. Derelicts – My Dad’s a Fucking Alcoholic (Beer Bier Beer)
21. Sector 4 – White House (We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida)
22. False Prophets – Good Clean Fun (single)
23. Legion of Parasites – Party Time (Undesirable Guests EP)
24. Feederz – Bionic Girl (Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?)
25. Sneaky Pinks – Life Stupid I Stupid (I Can’t Wait single)
26. M.O.T.O. – All Set (Kill M.O.T.O.)
27. Gutbomb – Blanket Party (2002 Demo)
28. Upright Citizens – Long Songs (Make the Future Mine and Yours)
29. AK47 – The Badge Means You Suck (single)
30. Wards – Fear the Government (Don’t Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II)

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