February 10, 2008 Podcast

10 Feb


A new show this week. My regular podcast-creating software has shit the bed and I can’t seem to revive it. I’ve tried a few others and they all seem to suck in one way or another. The one used this week gives my voice some truly annoying “pops”. My apologies. If anyone has a recommendation please shoot me an email.

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Time: 65:06
File Size: 89.4MB

Tracks played:
01. Code of Honor – Attempted Control (Complete Studio Recordings)
02. Faction – Bullets Are Faster Than Words (1982 – 1985)
03. Broken Bottles – Poor Me (Hospital)
04. Battalion Of Saints – Ace Of Spades (Death R Us)
05. Subhumans – Death To The Sickoids (single)
06. Pandemonium – No Reaction (Who the Fuck Are You)
07. Life Trap – Suburban Nightmare (Bleak Reality EP)
08. Geeks – As We Speak (What’s Inside EP)
09. Tipper’s Gore – Enough Is Enough (Musical Holocaust)
10. The Dwarves – Motherfucker (Blood, Guts and Pussy)
11. Brutal Knights – Boring City (Living By Yourself)
12. Electric Frankenstein – Blackout (single)
13. Broken Talent – My God Can Beat Up Your God (Blood Slut EP)
14. Manic Subsidal – Hopeless (Party Animal compilation)
15. Saccharine Trust – I Am Right (Pagan Icons)
16. Die Kreuzen – Land of Treason (Pink Flag single)
17. Lepers – So We Can Talk (Evil Music single)
18. Weirdos – Life Of Crime (Destroy All Music single)
19. Verbal Abuse – Fun Fun Fun With My Machine Gun (Rat Music For Rat People compilation)
20. Rhythm Pigs – The Quest (An American Activity)
21. Second Opinion – Fight Back (Youth Revolt EP)
22. CIA – Love And War (Die, Jerry, Die compilation)
23. Infants – Giant Girl in the 5th Grade (Are We Too Late For the Trend? compilation)
24. Stretch Marks – Barren Cities (Who’s In Charge)
25. Eddie and the Subtitles – Louie, Louie (Skeletons in the Closet)
26. Libido Boyz – Chronic Necessity (It’s So Obvious EP)
27. Halo of Flies – Garbage Rock (Music For Insect Minds)
28. Swiz – Nine (With Dave single)
29. Holy Molar – My Saturday Night Fever Turned Into A Sunday Morning Rash (Cavity Search EP)
30. Happy Flowers – I Don’t Want To Share (Lasterday I Was Been Bad)

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