February 17, 2008 Podcast

17 Feb


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Time: 54:48
File Size: 75.2MB

Tracks played:
01. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power EP)
02. Social Circkle – Life Crisis (I’ve Got Afflictions EP)
03. Civic Progress – Falling Apart (Disposable EP)
04. Out Cold – Menticide (No Bullshit Volume 3 compilation)
05. Corrupted Morals – Big Man (Cheese It)
06. Bill of Rights – A Shot In the Ass (Meltdown EP)
07. T.M.A. – Surf Nazi (What’s For Dinner)
08. Burnt – Where Oh Where Did My Baby Go (Where’s My Head)
09. Don’t No – The Rule (The Real World)
10. Capital Scum – Grasp All, Lose All (Tsjerno Kills)
11. Alcoholic White Trash – Everyone Thinks You’re An Idiot (I Can’t Skate)
12. Dogends – The Butcher (Skate, Eat, Thrash demo)
13. Set To Explode – Walking Dead (Set To Explode EP)
14. Scott Baio Army – Human Wasteland (Join the Army EP)
15. Final Conflict – Self-Defeated (In the Family)
16. U-Boats – Dig A Grave (Street Tough)
17. The Spores – The Nasty Song (Meat Biproduct EP)
18. Agitated – Death Warmed Over (New Hope compilation)
19. NOFX – Mean People Suck (S&M Airlines)
20. Schlong – Hangin’ On The Telephone (The Essential Schlong)
21. Teenage Bottlerocket – Welcome To the Nuthouse (Warning Device)
22. Punchpuppet – Now You’re Doing Fine (Crazed Drunk Pedestrians EP)
23. The Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated (On the Road to Ruin)
24. Descendents – It’s A Hectic World (Ride the Wild single)
25. Eyes – TAQN (Single)
26. Betrayed – Nothing Breaks Us Apart (Substance)
27. Hogan’s Heroes – Corporate Life (At War With Society compilation)
28. Oblivions – You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down (Popular Favorites)
29. Reds – I Hate Rules (It’s About Time)
30. Crime – Piss On Your Dog (Piss On Your Turntable)

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