February 24, 2008 Podcast

24 Feb


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Time: 58:57
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Tracks played:
01. 4-Squares – Subject to Change (Madman EP)
02. Witches With Dicks – One Whopper For The Copper (Manual)
03. Deep Sleep – Alone With You (You’re Screwed)
04. Disappointed Parents – American Rebel (Am I Getting Through?)
05. Forced Anger – Human Experiment (Pent Up)
06. Cleveland Bound Death Sentence – Love American Style (self-titled)
07. CIA – Life’s a Drag (self-titled)
08. Dehumanizers – Everybody Fight (Kill Lou Guzzo)
09. Los Retardos – 3 of a Kind (Burnt Brain)
10. INDK – Rent For Sale (Kill Whitey!)
11. Channel 3 – You Make Me Feel Cheap (I’ve Got a Gun/After the Lights Go Out)
12. Applicators – I Know The Truth (My Weapon)
13. Maggots – (Let’s Get, Let’s Get) Tammy Wynette (single)
14. A.G.’s – Born to Have Fun (Because a Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste)
15. Left Nut – Burned Black (Jumbo Cantaloupes)
16. Bratbeaters – When I’m Dead And Gone (This Ain’t Plastic Music)
17. Cardiac Kidz – Get Out (single)
18. One Way System – Jackie Was A Junkie (Singles Collection)
19. The Pack – King of Kings (Long Live The Pack)
20. Outcasts – Don’t Want To Be No Adult (You’re a Disease single)
21. Anti – Your Problems (The Hardcore Years)
22. Clorox Girls – Time for Losing (self-titled)
23. The Chumps – Go Nowhere (Invent Rock ‘n’ Roll)
24. Career Suicide – Fan the Flame (Attempted Suicide)
25. SOA – Gate Crashers (No Policy EP)
26. Flesh Eaters – Police Gun Jitters (No Questions Asked)
27. Formaldehyde Junkies – Poison Control (Are a Total Wreck)
28. Yummy Fur – Policeman (single)
29. Ticks – TV’s On (Killed By 7″ #2)
30. Mummies – (Doin’) The Kirk (Death By Unga Bunga)

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