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March 30, 2008 Podcast

30 Mar

Welcome to Warped Generation Radio, another streaming site that plays the podcast every week. Thanks as usual Liberation Radio folks! This week is s a little longer than usual by about 6 minutes. Still, I had to make room for The Child Molesters, right? Right. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Right Click To […]

The Local Anesthetic

26 Mar

I get a lot of emails from record labels promoting their latest efforts, and 99.9% of the time the music isn’t even close to relevant for Strange Reaction as I currently run it. Indie rock, some goth, a bit of pure pop, I’ve been sent maybe two records that fall under the vast umbrella of […]

March 23, 2008 Podcast

23 Mar

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Right Click To Download In celebration of Easter, it’s an all covers show this week. Ok, it would be an all covers show even if it wasn’t Easter. Time: 63:09 File Size: 86.7MB Tracks played: 01. New Bomb Turks – This Place Sucks (The Queers) (Drunk On Cock) […]

March 16, 2008 Podcast

16 Mar

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Right Click To Download I haven’t put out an open invitation for people to write for the site in a long time, and since I have nothing special to say about this week’s show, I might as well do it now. If you are even remotely interested in […]

March 9, 2008 Podcast

09 Mar

The show’s a little bit shorter than usual this week due to 30 shorter songs. Instead of an hour you’re getting 52 minutes, but it’s the quality that counts right? I’ve received a few records for inclusion in the show, but I can always use more. If you are in a band or run a […]

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