March 9, 2008 Podcast

09 Mar


The show’s a little bit shorter than usual this week due to 30 shorter songs. Instead of an hour you’re getting 52 minutes, but it’s the quality that counts right? I’ve received a few records for inclusion in the show, but I can always use more. If you are in a band or run a label and want to get played, please contact me via email or just check out the submissions page.

I’ve changed the bitrate from 192 to 128. Since most of the material I play isn’t exactly of the highest fidelity, I’m pretty sure nobody will notice or care. If you have an opinion on this please let me know!

Right Click To Download

Time: 52:00
File Size: 50.6MB

Tracks played:
01. Simpletones – Don’t Bother Me (Beach Blvd. compilation)
02. Frantix – Face Reality (single)
03. Detention – Dead Rock and Rollers (single)
04. Gentlemen of Horror – Rough Hike (All Hail the Fucking System EP)
05. Flatliners – Kill Yourself (What a Waste)
06. The Prostitutes – Suicide is Fun (This Is Punk Rock That’s Real compilation)
07. Sluggo – Erase The Thought (Contradiction EP)
08. Beat Beat Beat – Cheap Time (single)
09. The Popular Shapes – Here Comes The Pancakes (Dirtnap Across the Northwest compilation)
10. Broken Bones – Missing Link (F.O.A.D.)
11. Snobs – Mouse Trap (Control)
12. Bunchofuckingoofs – Putting Us Down (There’s No Solution, So There’s No Problem)
13. First Offense – Fast Lane (Broken Home EP)
14. Negative Approach – Said and Done (Tied Down)
15. Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain (Victim In Pain)
16. Dirty Sweets – Teenage Jerk (Bubblegum Damaged)
17. Blatz – Homemade Speed (A Touch of Blatz)
18. Drug Test – Phenobarbital Mosh (Needle In Your Neck)
19. Big Balls and the Great White Idiot – Enemy Love (S/T)
20. Iggy Pop – Fix Me (Rise Above compilation, a benefit for the West Memphis 3)
21. Belching Penguins – There’s Gonna Be A War (Draft Beer… Not Me)
22. B.G.K. – Freeze Me (A Dutch Feast)
23. Corrosion of Conformity – Negative Outlook (Eye For An Eye)
24. Seizure Crypt – Where The Bodies Are Buried (Hello, My Name Is Madness)
25. Voids – Fear (Sounds of Failure, Sounds of Hope)
26. Born Against – Nine Years Later (9 Patriotic Hymns For Children)
27. Functional Blackouts – Kamikaze! (The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone)
28. MSI – Shopping Mall Massacre (More Stupid Initials EP)
29. Flag of Democracy – Babysitter (Love Songs EP)
30. The Mad – Eyeball (We Love Noize)

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