March 16, 2008 Podcast

16 Mar


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I haven’t put out an open invitation for people to write for the site in a long time, and since I have nothing special to say about this week’s show, I might as well do it now. If you are even remotely interested in writing reviews, articles or whatever for the site, please feel free to send me an email. scott@strangereaction is where I can be reached. Now, without further ado, the show.

Time: 58:21
File Size: 80.1MB

Tracks played:
01. Condominium – Hello Tomorrow (EP)
02. Criminal Intent – Boring Life (EP)
03. Search & Destroy – I Bet You Look Good On the Dance Floor (Run Your Mouth compilation)
04. FU’s – Peer Police (Kill For Christ)
05. Plaid Retina – Tied-Tried (The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation)
06. Decry – Suburban Death Camp (Complete Decry 82-86)
07. F – I Saw Your Vision In a Three Car Collision (Four From ’84)
08. Genetic Control – Urban Cowboy (First Impressions EP)
09. Society Dog – Metropolitan Rush (Off the Leash EP)
10. Child Abuse – We Dont Want You Hanging Around (Bring It EP)
11. Sgt. Slaughter – Home On the Strange (They Call Me Guitar Dickmouth)
12. Kulture Shock – Society’s Clutch (Holy Shit EP)
13. Hated Youth – I’m Stupid (Hardcore Rules)
14. Army of Jesus – Eternal Fuckup (Rats In the Wall EP)
15. Inferno – Hate of Joy (Old School/High School)
16. Guilty Faces – Flashes In Blue (Demo)
17. Anthrax – What Will Tomorrow Bring? (They’ve Got It All Wrong)
18. Anti – I Don’t Want To Die In Your War (I Don’t Want To Die In Your War)
19. Icon AD – You Fight To Kill (Don’t Feed Us Shit EP)
20. Bomb Squad – Punishment Time (Children of War)
21. The Ape Shits – Kill You, Kill Me (La Pollution Culturelle)
22. A.N.S. – Just In Your Mind (The Pool EP)
23. Fixtures – Power (One Crisis Short of Chaos)
24. Jesus Christ Superfly – Tomorrow Is Another Day (I Don’t Wanna Be Crazy)
25. Nobodys – Hey Doofus (The Smell of Victory)
26. Happy World – Cold River (EP)
27. Artistic Decline – Total Freedom (Random Violence)
28. F-Word – Government Official (Shut Down EP)
29. Morbid Opera – Polyester Pig (We Can’t Help It If We’re From Florida compilation)
30. Stark Raving Mad – Problem (MX EP)

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