The Local Anesthetic

26 Mar

The Local Anesthetic

I get a lot of emails from record labels promoting their latest efforts, and 99.9% of the time the music isn’t even close to relevant for Strange Reaction as I currently run it. Indie rock, some goth, a bit of pure pop, I’ve been sent maybe two records that fall under the vast umbrella of punk or hardcore. I got an email today from the people promoting a compilation called “The Local Anesthetic“, and man alive, this record looks so good I had to give them a plug. Stuff on here: singles from Frantix, Bum Kon, The Lines, White Trash, Your Funeral and more… it’s really a good collection of some truly great records. A few samples they sent my way are posted below. You can check the whole shebang out here (including full streams). Plug over, I just wanted to give them some free press.

Your Funeral – I Wanna Be You
White Trash – Wake U
Bum Kon – The Draft

Buy the CD from

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