March 30, 2008 Podcast

30 Mar


Welcome to Warped Generation Radio, another streaming site that plays the podcast every week. Thanks as usual Liberation Radio folks! This week is s a little longer than usual by about 6 minutes. Still, I had to make room for The Child Molesters, right? Right.

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Time: 66:53
File Size: 91.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Dead Silence – Chain of Thought (Hell, How Could We Make More Money Than This?)
02. Nation of Finks – What Would Darby Do? (Return of the Pissed Off Bastards)
03. Belching Penguins – Dead People Can’t Drive (Demos 1985/1988)
04. White Trash – Wake U (The Local Anesthetic compilation)
05. Circle One – Patterns Of Force (Are You Afraid?)
06. Creepers – I’m Not a Gynecologist But I Play One In My Shed (Blam! Ten Minutes of Trouble For the Man)
07. Regress – Nuclear Bomb (Look Who’s Pulling the Strings)
08. Discharge – Fight Back (Clay Punk Singles)
09. Sons of Ishmael – Break Free (Hayseed Hardcore)
10. N.O.T.A. – Justice In America (Toy Soldiers)
11. God’s Will – All Rocked Up (Hey! You’re On My Property Now, Son)
12. Annihilation Time – Teenage Rebel (II)
13. Useless Pieces of Shit – Stupid Punk Medley (Fuck Shit Up)
14. Chinese Millionaires – Up With People (Detroit Double Cross)
15. The Makers – Temper Tantrum (The Hunger)
16. Out With a Bang! – Wasted Needle (Few Beers Left)
17. Mystery Dates – Protect the Innocent (Man in the Middle)
18. Offenders – Lost Causes (single)
19. Spitzz – I’m Not Alive (single)
20. Lewd – Beyond Moderation (Kill Yourself… Again)
21. Oxymoron – Razor’s Edge (The Pack Is Back)
22. The Exploited – Dogs of War (Punk’s Not Dead)
23. Subhumans – Evolution (This Is the A.L.F. compilation)
24. Catburglars – Don’t Need You (To Ruin My Life Anyway) (You May Be Dumb, But I Don’t Care)
25. The Boneless Ones – Love To Hate (Them Boners Be Poppin’ compilation)
26. Dead Kennedy’s – Too Drunk To Fuck (Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death)
27. Consumers – Anti Anti Anti (All My Friends Are Dead)
28. Sick Pleasure – Three Seconds Of Pleasure (Dolls Under Control)
29. Terrible Twos – Outdoors (Terrible Twos)
30. The Child Molesters – I’m So Fucked Up (single)

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