May 4, 2008 Podcast

04 May


It’s an all UK show this week, and a little longer than usual as well. Apologies to the American-only die-hards, back to normal next time.

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Time: 78:47
File Size: 96.9MB

Tracks played:
01. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout (Tell Us the Truth)
02. Angelic Upstarts – Young Ones (Teenage Warning)
03. Abrasive Wheels – So Slow (The Riot City Years)
04. Cockney Rejects – Headbanger (Greatest Hits Volume 1)
05. The Panik – Urban Damnation (single)
06. Buzzcocks – Boredom (Complete Singles Anthology)
07. Users – Kicks In Style (single)
08. Adicts – Straight Jacket (Ultimate Adiction)
09. X-S Discharge – Across The Border (Life’s a Wank)
10. Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Maniac (Test Tube Trash)
11. Fast Cars – The Kids Just Wanna Dance (single)
12. Alternative TV – Action Time Vision (The Image Has Cracked)
13. Rezillos – Top Of The Pops (single)
14. Satan’s Rats – You Make Me Sick (Whatta Bunch Of Rodents)
15. Adverts – New Day Dawning (Crossing the Red Sea)
16. UK Subs – Self Destruct (Before You Were Punk)
17. Self Abuse – (I Didn’t Want To Be A) Soldier (Grand Theft Audio compilation)
18. Anti Nowhere League – I Hate People (Complete Singles Collection)
19. Chron Gen – Lies (Chronic Generation)
20. Blitz – Someone’s Gonna Die (Voice of a Generation: The No Future Years)
21. Conflict – The Positive Junk (Employing All Means Necessary)
22. Chaos UK – Army (The Riot City Years)
23. Anthrax – All Things Bright and Beautiful (Capitalism is Cannibalism)
24. Red Alert – In Britain (No Future: The Singles Collection)
25. Citizen Fish – Money (Deadline, split with Leftover Crack)
26. G.B.H. – Do What You Do (Concrete Mix) (City Baby’s Revenge)
27. Killing Joke – Complications (Killing Joke, 1st album)
28. Demon Preacher – Little Miss Perfect (single)
29. Chumbawamba – Unilever (This Is the A.L.F. compilation)
30. Stratford Mercenaries – Won’t Get Me (No Sighing Strains of Violins)

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