May 18, 2008 Podcast

18 May


Back once again after a whopping one week hiatus.

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Time: 59:19
File Size: 81.5MB

Tracks played:
01. Toxic Reasons – Killer (Independence)
02. Corrupted Ideals – I Don’t Care (At War With Society compilation)
03. Landlords – Bathroom Bigot (Teenage House Party)
04. Naked Lady Wrestlers – Accidents (Killed By 7″ Volume 1)
05. Bum Kon – Wasted Mind (Drunken Sex Sucks)
06. Urinals – I’m A Bug (Black Hole)
07. X_X – Approaching the Minimal With Spray Guns (single)
08. Dee Dee Ramone – I Wanna Be Sedated (Greatest & Latest)
09. Demob – Big Brother (Crime Through Time)
10. RF7 – Fortunate Son (Buried Alive compilation)
11. Minor Threat – Screaming at a Wall (Complete)
12. Government Issue – Hall Of Fame (Complete History Volume 1)
13. Scream – Human Behavior (Still Screaming)
14. Dag Nasty – Simple Minds (Wig Out at Denko’s)
15. Black Market Baby – Youth Crimes (Coulda… Shoulda… Woulda)
16. Statues – Distance/Duration (Terminal Bedroom)
17. Broadway Calls – The Freedom Haters (Call the Medic)
18. Bitchy – Get That Motherfucker Out Of Here! (Black Socks and Happiness)
19. Wasteland D.C. – American Terrorism (Through Hollow Eyes)
20. System Shit – Slaughter Of The Innocent (Kill That Fucker)
21. Zeroes – Beat Your Heart Out (Don’t Push Me Around)
22. Lime Spiders – That’s How It Will Be (Slave Girl EP)
23. Briefs – 22nd Century Man (Off the Charts)
24. Bored Youth – Misfit (Bored Youth)
25. Citizens Arrest – In The Distance (A Light in the Darkness)
26. Phenomenauts – Navitron (For All Mankind)
27. Tiny Masters of Today – K.I.D.S. (EP)
28. Menstrual Cycles – Rejected From The Premises (Half Skin, Half Punx)
29. Socialcide – Sick of the Pressure (EP)
30. SSD – War Threat (The Kids Will Have Their Say)

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