May 25, 2008 Podcast (a repeat again)

25 May


It’s been one of those weeks (and so far, weekends). Sadly, I haven’t had time to do anything I wanted to do, including a new podcast, so this weeks show is a repeat from May 28, 2007. Enjoy a show where my voice was really shot for some reason.

Time: 55:53
File Size: 76.7MB

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Tracks played:
01. Alcoholic White Trash – Internet Porn (I Can’t Skate)
02. Insurgent Kid – Steppin Out
03. 86 Mentality – Oppression (On the Loose)
04. Inmates – I’m So Scummy (Assholes Unanimous)
05. Total Fucking Destruction – Jesus (Entering From The Rear)
06. Murphy’s Law – Sit Home And Rot (Murphy’s Law)
07. Strung Up – Time Clock (single)
08. Gang Green – This Job Sucks (The Taang! Years)
09. F.U.’s – This Is Your Life (My America)
10. Bad Posture – Nowhere To Go (GDMSOB)
11. Clusterfuck – Flagfucker (split with Rat Byte)
12. Crucifucks – You Give Me the Creeps (Our Will Be Done)
13. Facialz – Socially Retarded (Facial Humiliation)
14. N.O.T.A. – Police Front (self-titled LP)
15. Hummungus – I Hate Motherfuckin’ Cops
16. Corpse Grinders – Infiltration (Unstable Contents compilation)
17. Dirty Needles – Justine’s A Junkie (single)
18. Black Market Baby – Drunk and Disorderly (Coulda… Shoulda… Woulda)
19. Screw 32 – Speed Freak (Unresolved Childhood Issues)
20. Token Entry – Windows (Jaybird, The Reissues)
21. It’s Casual – L.A.P.D. (The New Los Angeles)
22. Terminal State – Panic Attack (single)
23. Death Midgets – Amputee (City of Thorns compilation)
24. Detention – A Tribute to Michael Myers (Expelled)
25. Ill Will – Ill Will Theme Song (Life Is Beautiful SO Why Not Eat Health Foods compilation)
26. Dicks – Nobody Asked Me (Peace single)
27. Flag of Democracy – Powerload (Love Songs)
28. Christ On Parade – Thoughts Of War (Sounds of Nature)
29. Subhumans – Slap in the Face (No Wishes, No Prayers)
30. The Left – Fuck It (Jesus Loves The Left)

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