June 1, 2008 Podcast

02 Jun


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Time: 58:33
File Size: 80.4MB

Tracks played:
01. Dils – I Hate the Rich (Class War)
02. BVD – Look Out The Cops (Country of Liberty)
03. Cause For Alarm – Time To Try (Cause For Alarm)
04. Germs – Lexicon Devil (MIA)
05. The Mad – Eyeball (We Love Noize)
06. Dicks – Dicks Hate the Police (single)
07. Catatonics – Obstinate (Hunted Down)
08. Clitboys – Have Faith (We Don’t Play the Game)
09. The Crowd – Politics (Letter Bomb)
10. Bulimia Banquet – Scientology Sucks (Eat Fats Die Young)
11. Good Riddance – A Time And A Place (Shit Talking Capitalist)
12. Guttermouth – Encyclopedia Brown (Gorgeous)
13. Demons – Beat On Me (Riot Salvation)
14. Cut the Shit – Boston Cops (Harmed and Dangerous)
15. Warkrime – Suicide Watch (Get Loose)
16. Cringer – This Town (Tikki Tikki Tembo)
17. Commies – Drop That Needle (Rock-n-Roll Alone)
18. The Queers – Trash This Place (We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin)
19. Whipping Boy – Touch and Go (The Sound of No Hands Clapping)
20. The Chumps – Go Nowhere (Invent Rock ‘n’ Roll)
21. Negative Trend – Mercenaries (We Don’t Play, We Riot)
22. Born Without a Face – Undertow (Worship)
23. Overkill – On the Loose (Triumph of the Will)
24. Problematics – Teenage Heartattack (The Kids All Suck)
25. Vicious Circle – Personality Crisis (Search For the Solution)
26. Mongrel – West Memphis Hell (Fear, Lies and Propaganda)
27. The Fix – Vengeance (single)
28. Quincy Punx – Kill Yourself (Stuck On Stupid)
29. Le Shok – Killed By Fuck (We Are Electrocution)
30. Wretched Ones – This Place Is Huge (We Don’t Belong to Nobody)

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