June 8, 2008 Podcast

08 Jun


The show ran about 10 minutes longer than I expected this week. 10 more minutes to love though, right? Is there anybody out there?

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Time: 69:56
File Size: 96.0MB

Tracks played:
01. RunnAmucks – Let It Ride (RunnAmuckS Reanimated demo)
02. Bark Hard – Beg Us To Stop (Bark Hard)
03. Hates – Punk 1301 (Greatest Hates)
04. Government Warning – Self Medication (No Moderation)
05. Psycho – Cycles (Hosebags From Hell)
06. Bl’ast – It’s Alive (The Power of Expression)
07. Black Flag – Police Story (Damaged)
08. Disability – Rejection (Public Service compilation)
09. MDC – Millions of Dead Cops (Hey Cop, If I Had a Face Like Yours…)
10. Jello Biafra with The Melvins – Those Dumb Punk Kids (Will Buy Anything) (Sieg Howdy!)
11. Tampoffs – Box of Wine (Unknown)
12. Cheifs – Drowning (Holly-West Crisis)
13. Kraut – Unemployed (Complete Studio Recordings)
14. Middle Class – Blueprint For Joy (Discography)
15. Bamboo Kids – USA out of NYC (Feel Like Hell)
16. Boys Club – Are You Gonna Be My Baby (Girls of Today single)
17. Jay Reatard – It’s So Easy (Blood Visions)
18. Motards – I Got Mine (Rock Kids)
19. Crossed Eyes – Broke Bike (Rattled EP)
20. Shirkers – Drunk & Disorderly (single)
21. Christian Club – Crucify the Ones You Love (Final Confession)
22. Casualties – Static Feedback And Noise (On the Front Line)
23. Fear – Now You’re Dead (single)
24. The High Beams – Hate You (Dirtnap Across the Northwest compilation)
25. Pissed Jeans – Throbbing Organ (single)
26. Weirdos – Message From the Underworld (Weird World VOlume One)
27. Vomit Pigs – Useless Eater (Take One EP)
28. Really Red – I Was a Teenage Fuckup (Really Red CD)
29. Spikes – Life Is Hell (SF Underground VOlume 2)
30. Pagans – I Juvenile (Everybody Hates Us)

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