June 15, 2008 Podcast

15 Jun


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Time: 60:45
File Size: 83.4MB

Tracks played:

01. Life Trap – Suburban Nightmare (Bleak Reality)
02. Los Retardos – Hooked (Burnt Brain)
03. The Retardos – Up Yours (The Retardos)
04. The Essentials – It’s Essential (Fast Music In a Slow Town)
05. Feederz – Why Don’t You Just Die (Beautiful as a Rock in a Cops Face)
06. Agent Orange – America (Bloodstains)
07. Faction – Let’s Go Get Cokes (1982-1985)
08. Witches With Dicks – Die Painfully (Manual)
09. Nobodys – So Cool (The Smell of Victory)
10. Urban Waste – No Hope (Urban Waste)
11. Bad Brains – Build a Nation (Build a Nation)
12. Only Crime – Eyes Of The World (Virulence)
13. Set to Explode – World Diseased (Set to Explode)
14. Time to Escape – Blood’s Not Thick Enough (2005 Demo)
15. Pandemonium – They Don’t Know (Who the Fuck Are You)
16. The Freeze – Guilty Face (Rabid Reaction)
17. Krum Bums – Losing My Mind (As the Tide Turns)
18. The Loudmouths – No Guts (At War With Society compilation)
19. SNFU – Strip Search (Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy)
20. Fang – Junky Dare (Landshark/Where the Wild Things Are)
21. No Fraud – It’s All Economic (The EP)
22. The Pedestrians – American Town (Pedestrians)
23. Whipping Boy – Meltdown (The Sound of No Hands Clapping)
24. Dry Heaves – I Can’t Puke (Shoot Yourself)
25. Plugz – Let Go (Move It)
26. Chaotic Mess – John Wane Gacy (Raw Aggression compilation)
27. Public Disturbance – Strangler (Public Disturbance)
28. Physicals – Breakdown On Stage (All Sexed Up)
29. Broken Toys – Smash Some Pumpkins (Smash Some Pumpkins)
30. Deadbeats – Brainless (Deadbeats)

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