June 22, 2008 Podcast

22 Jun


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Time: 65:34
File Size: 90.0MB

Tracks played this week:

01. Cause For Alarm – Stand As One (Cause For Alarm EP)
02. Deathwish – Tailgate (Tailgate single)
03. The Pist – Small Town (Ideas Are Bulletproof)
04. Chronic Seizure – Sleepwalker (Brainsick)
05. Youth Patrol – America’s Power (Process of Elimination compilation)
06. Silly Killers – Knife Manual (Knife Manual EP)
07. Angry Samoans – You Stupid Asshole (The Unboxed Set)
08. Inanimate Objects – The New One (Bloodstains Across Texas compilation)
09. Active Ingredients – I Hate MTV (Bringing Down the Big Boys)
10. Social Unrest – Rush Hour (Complete Studio Records Volume 1)
11. Stalag 13 – No Excuse (In Control)
12. I.D. Under – I Kinda Don’t Like You (Lords of Nothing)
13. Diesel Queens – The Wanderer (Hooked On Moronics)
14. BBQ Chickens – New York (Good Bye To Your Punk Rock)
15. Social Distortion – 1945 (Mainliner)
16. Plaid Retina – This Ain’t No Picnic (Boxcar EP)
17. Teengenerate – Dressed In Black (Get Action!)
18. Spider Babies – Coulda Gone Far (All Fucked Up)
19. Flesheaters – Disintegration Nation (single)
20. Hypnotics – Sometimes (Indoor Fiends)
21. Baseball Furies – Get Activated (Greater Than Ever)
22. New Bomb Turks – Jukebox Lean (Scared Straight)
23. Electric Frankenstein – Cut From the Inside (How To Make a Monster)
24. The Hives – a.k.a I-D-I-O-T (Barely Legal)
25. X – Present (Aspirations)
26. Cro-Mags – Show You No Mercy (Age of Quarrel)
27. Gorilla Biscuits – Two Sides (Start Today)
28. Sick Of It All – Breeders Of Hate (Blood, Sweat and No Tears)
29. Life’s Blood – Reckoning Force (where the Wild Things Are compilation)
30. Sheer Terror – Time Don’t Heal a Thing (Ugly and Proud)

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