June 29, 2008 Podcast

29 Jun


I put this week’s show together at 160kbit instead of the usual 190. Let me know if you think it actually makes a difference to use the higher bitrate, I’d be curious to see if anyone can tell the difference.

Right Click To Download

Time: 60:01
File Size: 68.7MB

Tracks played:

01. Reprobates – Failure (Stress EP)
02. B.G.K. – Freeze Me (A Dutch Feast)
03. Contaminators – Closet Junkie (No Friends EP)
04. Brain Handle – Shit Pizza (Brain Handle EP)
05. Adrenalin O.D. – Suburbia (Sittin’ Pretty)
06. Beat Beat Beat – I’m A Disease (Living In the Future)
07. The Forgotten – We Got the Numbers (The Forgotten)
08. D.O.A. – Agony And The Ecstasy (Live Free Or Die)
09. Boils – The Life For Me (The Orange and the Black)
10. Hard Ons – All Washed Up (Dickcheese)
11. Fucked Up – Dangerous Fumes (single)
12. American Dream – False Accusation (Identity Crisis)
13. Iron Cross – I Don’t Love You Anymore (Crucified For Our Sins)
14. Partners In Crime – I Hate Your Guts (No Big Deal EP)
15. Bratbeaters – When I’m Dead And Gone (This Ain’t Plastic Music)
16. Civic Progress – Straight Teeth (Disposable EP)
17. Deep Sleep – Alone With You (You’re Screwed)
18. Total Abuse – The Same (Sex Pig EP)
19. Warkrime – Leader (Get Loose)
20. Untouchables – Nic Fit (Flex Your Head compilation)
21. Token Entry – The Bright Side (Jaybird)
22. Sleeper Cell – Terminal (Sleeper Cell)
23. The Sick – We Will (Killing My Hope)
24. Time To Escape – Blood’s Not Thick Enough (2005 Demo)
25. Send More Paramedics – Funeral (Tales Told by Dead Men split with Zombie Apocalypse)
26. The Horrors – Sheena Is A Parasite (Strange House)
27. The Ape Shits – Couch Surfing (La Pollution Culturelle)
28. Sneaky Pinks – Life Stupid, I Stupid (Sneaky Pinks EP)
29. April March and The Makers – I’m Alone (April March Sings Along With The Makers)
30. Yum Yum Tree – T.V. Dinner (Riot Up Your Ass)

If you like the show and want to buy the host a beer, tips are appreciated but not expected.

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