July 20, 2008 Podcast

20 Jul


Back to normal after missing the past two weeks. Requests or comments? Hit up the Contact section of StrangeReaction.com.

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Time: 63:19
File Size: 72.5MB

Tracks played:
01. Sons Of Ishmael – Do Something Radical (Mimsy With the Borogoves)
02. Schlong – Jet Song (Punk Side Story)
03. Chinese Millionaires – Spoiled Rotten (Detroit Double Cross)
04. Blood Vessels – Catholic Zombies (Blood Vessels)
05. Terminal State – Your Rules (Your Rules EP)
06. Blanks 77 – Max Alert (Speed)
07. Smiley Kids – Bomb the Hill (Don’t Get Bored)
08. Virus Nine – 77 Threat (What Are You Afraid Of?)
09. Betrayed – The City Lights (Substance)
10. Bullet Lavolta – Because You’re Mine (Bullet Lavolta)
11. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl (singles)
12. Ashley Von Hurter and the Haters – You Really Shouldn’t Have (EP)
13. The Vicious – Walking Dead (Alienated)
14. Nojons – Living With the Living Dead (Night of The Nojons)
15. Killroy – D-Generation (99 Bottles EP
16. Flipper – Ha Ha Ha (Sex Bomb Baby)
17. Section 8 – Fat, Drunk, & Stupid (Not So Quiet On the Western Front)
18. The Derelicts – Dirty City, Rotten Life (Going Out of Style)
19. Secret Hate – First Straw (Pop Cult Vomit)
20. Out With a Bang – Punches in the Face (I’m Against It)
21. The Business – Smash The Discos (The Singles Collection)
22. Picture Frame Seduction – Old Soldiers (Stop the Bloody Slaughter)
23. Necros – Bad Dream (Conquest For Death)
24. Red Beret – I Can’t Take It (You Can’t Argue With Sucksess compilation)
25. Jerry’s Kids – Bad Trip (Kill Kill Kill)
26. The Sick – Aware (Killing My Hope)
27. Strike Out – Strike Out (Embrace)
28. Terremoto Party – Kids In America (Punk Chartbusters Volume 1 compilation)
29. Terveet K├Ądet – Star Wars Game (The Horse)
30. The Mob – Upset the System (We Come To Crush)

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