July 27, 2008 Podcast

27 Jul


What would another Sunday be without a complication of some kind. This week it appears that one of my charming children did something with my microphone that has caused it to stop working properly, unless sounding like you’re shouting through a really long tunnel can be considered working. Enjoy a Scott-free edition this week (and a short one to boot!). I’ll be hitting up stores this week in search of a mic replacement. Anyone have a recommendation?

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Time: 45:10
File Size: 72.4MB

Tracks played:

01. Corrosion Of Conformity – Minds Are Controlled (Eye For An Eye)
02. George Moshington – 1,2,3,4 I Declare a Scene War (177-Fuck-You)
03. Chronic Sick – Blood Type X (Reagan Bands)
04. Wards – Six O’clock (The World Ain’t Pretty and Neither Are We)
05. Neon Christ – It’s Mine (2×7)
06. Condominium – Let’s Die (Hello Tomorrow EP)
07. Urban Waste – No Hope (No Hope EP)
08. Criminals – I Feel Funny (Never Been Caught)
09. No Pigs – Shoplifting (No Pigs EP)
10. Bark Hard – Beg Us to Stop (Bark Hard)
11. Zany Guys – Little Tuff Kid (Party Hits 2)
12. Lost Kids – Skrid (Født som Nul)
13. Forgotten Rebels – The Punks Are Alright (In Love With the System)
14. Descendents – I Wanna Be A Bear (Milo Goes To College)
15. Killdozer – Unbelievable (The Pig Was Cool 7″)
16. Voodoo Idols – Do The Kirk (Hyped To Death #32 compilation)
17. The Fun Things – Savage (The Fun Things EP)
18. DDT – People Are People (Broken Toy)
19. Forced Anger – Old Fart Drivers (Pent Up)
20. Piss Drunks – Good to Go (Urine Idiot)
21. Soulside – Punch the Geek (20 Years of Dischord compilation)
22. Eddie and the Subtitles – Zombie Drug Killers (Skeletons in the Closet)
23. Stimulators – Loud Fast Rules (single)
24. Insurgent Kid – Paranoia (Paranoia)
25. Crash Kills Five – Special School (What Do You Do At Night?)
26. My 3 Sons – People Who Bleed (New Jersey’s Got It compilation)
27. H2O – Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Anti-Racist Action Benefit compilation)
28. Dead Kennedy’s – Religious Vomit (Plastic Surgery Disasters)
29. Attak – Big Brother (Zombies)
30. The Pedestrians – American Town (Pedestrians EP)

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