August 10, 2008 Podcast

10 Aug


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I’m still without a microphone, so yet another week reprieve for those of you who dislike me interrupting the music. A bit longer today, I don’t know what the Hell happened. Thanks to all none of you who donated to my microphone fund, it’s more than I expected.

Tracks played:
01. No Talk – Police Mafia (single)
02. D.R.I. – Closet Punk (Dirty Rotten LP)
03. Dogshit Sandwich – I Hate Religion (Murdering Bastards)
04. No Kids – Hold Fast (No Kids Attack)
05. Nobodys – I Hate It (The Smell of Victory)
06. Send Help – Sex With Sheep (You Don’t Fit EP)
07. A.G.’s – I Don’t Need Anyone (Because a Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste)
08. BBQ Chickens – Kill Fashion Hippies (Good Bye to Your Punk Rock)
09. April March and The Makers – I Just Might Crack (S/T)
10. Armitage Shanks – You’re Here I’m Hooked You’re Gone (Nevermind the Ballcocks)
11. Wongs – Can’t Stop Me (Reanimate My Baby)
12. Los Olvidados – Something New (Listen To This)
13. Some Action – Don’t You Look (The Band That Sucked The Life Out Of Rock ‘n Roll And Killed Itself In The Process)
14. Dr. Know – The Intruder (Plug-In Jesus)
15. Lurkers – Shadow (Fulham Fallout)
16. Panics – Tie Me Up, Baby! (Please Panic!!)
17. The Enemy – Bang Bang You’re Dead (single)
18. Klaxon – Riot! (The Kids Today)
19. First Offense – Pride And Joy (Broken Home)
20. Zombie Squad – Look Ahead (Surfing With the Contras)
21. Void – Ask Them Why (Faith/Void split)
22. Capital Scum – Asphalt Jungle (Tsjerno Kills)
23. Anthrax – What Will Tomorrow Bring (They’ve Got It All Wrong)
24. Flux of Pink Indians – Tube Disasters (Neu Smell)
25. The Ex – Cells (Singles. Period)
26. Future of the Left – Fingers Become Thumbs (single)
27. Mclusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues (Mclusky DO Dallas)
28. Tar – Solution 8 (single)
29. Pere Ubu – Non-Alignment Pact (The Modern Dance)
30. Maximum the Hormone – Chu chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nururu Rero Rero (Buiikikaesu)

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2 Responses to “August 10, 2008 Podcast”

  1. 1
    theonlytruepunk Says:

    I know I will most likely not get a response, but here goes again. When you say “thanks to all none of you”, did you mean that no one gave??? Or that they gave and you accidentally put the “none” part in?? Just curious.

  2. 2
    Scott Says:

    Nah, nobody gave. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I wasn’t disappointed. :p

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