September 14, 2008 Podcast

14 Sep


I’m back after my mystery hiatus that included a fun fight with pneumonia. Miss me? I know you did, you liar. The broken microphone I’ve complained about is still sitting here, but I did find an old one, that while it sounds pretty awful does work. Enjoy!

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Time: 65:14
File Size: 74.6MB

Tracks played:

01. Flatliners – Livin’ Like a Rat (What a Waste)
02. Hatepinks – Microwave Drugs (Plastic Bag Ambitions)
03. Sluggo – Suburban Heaven (Contradiction EP)
04. Twats – I’m A Quitter, You Should Be One Too (Hell In My Pants)
05. JFA – I Don’t Like You (We Know You Suck)
06. Stains – John Wayne Was a Nazi (single)
07. Terrible Twos – Older Girls (Terrible Twos)
08. Warkrime – No More (Give War a Chance EP)
09. Public Disturbance – Bored (Public Disturbance)
10. The Freeze – I Hate Tourists (single)
11. Circle One – High School Society (Are You Afraid?)
12. Impatient Youth – Suburban Boy (Frontline)
13. Consumers – Get Out (All My Friends Are Dead)
14. D.I. – Johnny’s Got A Problem (Richard Hung Himself/Best Of)
15. The Nils – Scratches And Needles (Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something)
16. Wurm – We Are Off (Wurm EP)
17. The Sess – Don’t Look Back (Agendumb)
18. Code of Honor – Don’t Tell Me (Complete Studio Recordings)
19. Chronic Disorder – Point Counterpoint (Fred)
20. Set To Explode – World Diseased (Set To Explode EP)
21. Spitzz – Unnatural (Sick, Savage and Sensual)
22. Dirt Mall – Hopeless Bore (Got the Goat By the Horns)
23. Boils – Bullies (The Orange and the Black)
24. Hubble Bubble – Faking (Faking)
25. Sloppy Seconds – Why Don’t Lesbians Love Me? (More Trouble Than They’re Worth)
26. Statues – Husbands And Wives (Terminal Bedroom)
27. Naked Raygun – I Lie (Basement Screams)
28. Undead – Night of the Living Dead (12 Hits… Uncovered)
29. Exotic Ones – I Drink Your Blood, I Eat Your Skin (Go Ape Wild)
30. Horror of ’59 – Human Remains from Outer Space (Screams From the Cellar)

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