September 21, 2008 Podcast

21 Sep


This week’s show has a theme of sorts. All songs were released 25 years ago, way back in the long ago year of 1983. A lack of anti-Reagan songs is obvious, and if your favorite 1983 release isn’t represented, remember that I limit the show to 30 songs. Like this week’s show? Hate it? Send me a line!

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Tracks played:
01. The Abused – Watch Out (Loud and Clear)
02. Disappointed Parents – American Rebel (Am I Getting Through?)
03. The Faction – Being Watched (No Hidden Messages)
04. Sick Pleasure – Disintegration (Sick Pleasure)
05. Cause For Alarm – Second Chance (Cause For Alarm)
06. Assassins – Assassination (single)
07. Proletariot – Bread And Circus (Soma Holiday)
08. Killroy – Gas Mask (single)
09. D.O.A. – General Strike (single)
10. Decry – Strapped In (Symptoms Of Hate)
11. Human Sufferage – Dress Code (Human Sufferage)
12. E-13 – Misguided Missle Mouth (No Mercy For Swine)
13. Articles of Faith – Acceptance (Give Thanks)
14. Antidote – Something Must Be Done (Thou Shalt Not Kill)
15. Sluglord – My World (Trails of Slime)
16. Anthrax – They’ve Got It All Wrong (They’ve Got It All Wrong)
17. Menstrual Cycles – Kill The President (Half Skin, Half Punx)
18. Deathwish – Condemned (Tailgate single)
19. Bomb Squad – Fight Fight Fight (Children of War)
20. The Fits – Bravado (Tears of a Nation)
21. The Crewd – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Gather ‘Round)
22. Armed Citizens – Unconscious (Make Sense)
23. Bad Brains – I (Rock For Light)
24. B.G.K. – Get Killed (Jonestown Aloha!)
25. Inferno – Ram It Up (Tod und Wahnsinn)
26. F.U.’s – Boston’s Finest (My America)
27. United Mutation – Final Solution (Fugitive Family)
28. Personality Crisis – The Look (Creatures For Awhile)
29. Send Help – You Don’t Fit (You Don’t Fit)
30. Raw Power – Hate (You Are the Victim)

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