September 28, 2008 Podcast

28 Sep


You would think I’d know better than to leave the actual podcast-making for the last minute. My computer crashed and required a complete reformat. Switching from XP to Vista, I’ve run into a few snags, mainly that the software I used to use for the show doesn’t work any more. Awesome. Hopefully the mess I created for this week’s show isn’t that bad.

Last week was a 30 song look at 1983, and being a predictable bastard, this week is a look at 1982. If you have an opinion as to whether or not I should do more of these “themed” shows, drop me an email. I promise not to sell your address to a cialis spammer.

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Time: 59:18
File Size: 81.4MB

Tracks played:

01. Anti – Streets (I Don’t Want To Die In Your War)
02. The Fix – Signal (Jan’s Room)
03. Savage Circle – Hardcore Rules (Kill Yourself)
04. Black Easter – What the Fuck (Ready to Rot)
05. Dead Kennedy’s – I Am The Owl (Plastic Surgery Disasters)
06. Authorities – I Hate Cops (Soundtrack For Trouble)
07. The Essentials – I Don’t Get (Fast Music In a Slow Town)
08. Ground Zero – Controversy (Living In Tandem)
09. Upright Citizens – He’s Dead (Bombs of Peace)
10. Youth Brigade – Brigade Song (Sound and Fury)
11. Hypnotics – Doomed (Indoor Fiends)
12. Willful Neglect – Banned (Willful Neglect)
13. Neos – Kill the Burnouts (End All Discrimination)
14. Husker Du – Push the Button (Land Speed Record)
15. Discharge – The Nightmare Continues (Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing)
16. Kraut – Unemployed (Unemployed EP)
17. Symbol Six – Taxation (Symbol Six)
18. Bad Religion – We’re Only Gonna Die (How Could Hell Be Any Worse?)
19. False Prophets – Good Clean Fun (Good Clean Fun)
20. Rejectors – Rejection (Thoughts of War)
21. Silly Killers – Not That Time Again (Knife Manual)
22. Frantix – New Questions (Face Reality)
23. Chronic Sick – Public Suicide (Cutest Band in Hardcore)
24. Voodoo Idols – We Dig Nixon (single)
25. Sick Pleasure – Girls Like You (split with Code of Honor)
26. Electric Deads – Kitchen Poet (Anti-Sex)
27. Sado-Nation – Don’t Bother Me (We’re Not Equal)
28. Lust – I’m Annoyed (Dread In New York)
29. Icon AD- You Fight To Kill (Don’t Feed Us Shit)
30. Wrecks – High School Anthem (Teenage Jive)

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