October 12, 2008 Podcast

12 Oct


Back to normal after a brief pause.

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Time: 59:38
File Size: 64.3MB

Tracks played:
01. Shell Shock – My Brain Is Jelly (Shell Shock)
02. Law and Order – Punks Like Us Get Nothing (Anything But the Critics Choice)
03. Society Dog – The Baby Is Dead (Off the Leash)
04. Broken Bones – Teenage Kamikaze (F.O.A.D.)
05. Career Suicide – From the Start (Attempted Suicide)
06. Army of Jesus – Ward Cleaver (Rats In the Wall)
07. Dry Heaves – I Can’t Puke (Shoot Yourself)
08. Creepers – Sometimes When I’m Alone I Got It Goin’ On (Blam! Ten Minutes of Trouble For the Man)
09. Chronic Disorder – Gluttony (Fred)
10. Bad Religion – Slaves (Bad Religion)
11. The Pedestrians – Endangering Public Safety (The Pedestrians)
12. No Alternative – Metro Police Theme (Make Guns Not Love)
13. Corpse Grinders – Infiltration (Unstable Contents compilation)
14. Personality Crisis – Double Take (1979 – 1984)
15. Bum Kon – Fighting Yourself (Drunken Sex Sucks)
16. Urban Waste – Ignorant (Urban Waste)
17. Government Warning – Self Medication (No Moderation)
18. Tipper’s Gore – What You Can’t Hear (Musical Holocaust)
19. Criminal Intent – Boring Life (Criminal Intent)
20. Lost Cause – American Hero (Lost Cause)
21. The Casualties – Media Control (On the Front Line)
22. DrugXTest – Locked Out (Needle In Your Neck)
23. First Offense – Fast Lane (Broken Home)
24. Bored Youth – They Don’t Have the Right (Bored Youth)
25. Final Conflict – Self-Defeated (Final Conflict)
26. Code of Honor – Death To You (Complete Studio Recordings)
27. Dicks – Dicks Hate the Police (single)
28. Really Red – Suburban Disease (Discography)
29. Cause For Alarm – Time Will Tell (P.E.A.C.E. compilation)
30. Reagan Youth – No Class (Punk Rock New York)

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