October 19, 2008 Podcast

19 Oct


Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that I put a bonus track in there. Somehow I played The Crowd and didn’t even stop to notice. That’s what happen when I scramble to do these things late. This week enjoy 31 songs I guess.

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Time: 67:31
File Size: 87.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Agent Orange – Bloodstains (single)
02. The Avengers – We Are the One (single)
03. F-Minus – No Chance For Change (Won’t Bleed Me/Failed Society)
04. Ratpack – Tell Me How (Nardcore compilation)
05. Lost Cause – No Justice (Lost Cause)
06. Le Shok – TV In My Eyes (We Are Electrocution)
07. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power)
08. Civic Progress – Uranium Miscarriage (Disposable)
09. Citizens Arrest – Without Peace (A Light In the Darkness)
10. The Snobs – Mouse Trap (Control)
11. Dead Virgins – No Cause For Concern (Four)
12. The Burnt – Life Stinks (Where’s My Head)
13. The Curse – Shoeshine Boy (Single)
14. Criminal Intent – Boring Life (Criminal Intent)
15. My 3 Sons – People Who Bleed (New Jersey’s Got It compilation)
16. Showcase Showdown – The Cannon Goes Bang (Appetite of Kings)
17. Stukas Over Bedrock – Bedrock Bedlam (Back to the Stone Age)
18. Blatz – F.S.U. (A Touch of Blatz)
18a. The Crowd – Your Generation (Letter Bomb)
19. Total Abuse – Money Power Fame Respect (Sex Pig)
20. Insurgent Kid – Getting In For Free (Paranoia)
21. The Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb (Weird World Volume 1)
22. Viletones – Possibilities (Screaming Fist)
23. Demob – Crime Through Time (Crime Through Time)
24. External Menace – Watch You Drown (The Process of Elimination)
25. US Bombs – Slow Down (Nevermind the Opened Minds)
26. J Church – Creep (Kittums In a Coma)
27. Witches With Dicks – Your Job Does Not Rock Balls (Manual)
28. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – Shut Up And Play (Hot Shit)
29. Reatards – Just Too Much (Plastic Surgery)
30. Toxic Narcotic – Allston Violence (89-99)

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