October 19, 2008 Podcast

19 Oct


Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that I put a bonus track in there. Somehow I played The Crowd and didn’t even stop to notice. That’s what happen when I scramble to do these things late. This week enjoy 31 songs I guess.

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Time: 67:31
File Size: 87.7MB

Tracks played:
01. Agent Orange – Bloodstains (single)
02. The Avengers – We Are the One (single)
03. F-Minus – No Chance For Change (Won’t Bleed Me/Failed Society)
04. Ratpack – Tell Me How (Nardcore compilation)
05. Lost Cause – No Justice (Lost Cause)
06. Le Shok – TV In My Eyes (We Are Electrocution)
07. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power)
08. Civic Progress – Uranium Miscarriage (Disposable)
09. Citizens Arrest – Without Peace (A Light In the Darkness)
10. The Snobs – Mouse Trap (Control)
11. Dead Virgins – No Cause For Concern (Four)
12. The Burnt – Life Stinks (Where’s My Head)
13. The Curse – Shoeshine Boy (Single)
14. Criminal Intent – Boring Life (Criminal Intent)
15. My 3 Sons – People Who Bleed (New Jersey’s Got It compilation)
16. Showcase Showdown – The Cannon Goes Bang (Appetite of Kings)
17. Stukas Over Bedrock – Bedrock Bedlam (Back to the Stone Age)
18. Blatz – F.S.U. (A Touch of Blatz)
18a. The Crowd – Your Generation (Letter Bomb)
19. Total Abuse – Money Power Fame Respect (Sex Pig)
20. Insurgent Kid – Getting In For Free (Paranoia)
21. The Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb (Weird World Volume 1)
22. Viletones – Possibilities (Screaming Fist)
23. Demob – Crime Through Time (Crime Through Time)
24. External Menace – Watch You Drown (The Process of Elimination)
25. US Bombs – Slow Down (Nevermind the Opened Minds)
26. J Church – Creep (Kittums In a Coma)
27. Witches With Dicks – Your Job Does Not Rock Balls (Manual)
28. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – Shut Up And Play (Hot Shit)
29. Reatards – Just Too Much (Plastic Surgery)
30. Toxic Narcotic – Allston Violence (89-99)

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7 Responses to “October 19, 2008 Podcast”

  1. 1
    Mike E. Says:

    Bloodstains was the definite sound of LA/OC punk when it came out. Great track.

  2. 2
    Gantry Says:

    Between Blatz & Total Abuse you have Generation X’s Your Generation in there. Wasn’t paying enough attention to know if that makes 31 or one of the songs before that was missing.

    Keep up the good work…

  3. 3
    theonlytruepunk Says:

    It is great to see others are paying attention. I have been listening to Agent Orange in my car for 3 weeks now. Viletones…hahaha. I love it! Thanks.

  4. 4
    Scott Says:

    I had The Crowd in my initial set list for this week and had taken them off, I thought. Apparently I become a robot when I’m tired and didn’t even notice I had played the song. Ha!

  5. 5
    Tom Says:


    Even though you haven’t posted a show for October 26, I’ll wish you a slightly belated 2nd Anniversary of the ‘casts. Keep up the good work!


  6. 6
    Scott Says:

    Thanks Tom, I appreciate that! I’ll be doing a Halloween show this week, sometime before Friday.

  7. 7
    Patrick Sands Says:

    Hey….I was in the Dead Virgins (singer). I was going thru a box and found some of those 45s a few months back….looked at the date…..it came out 25 years ago this past June. WTF!?! Good to see someone playing that record. Thanks a lot.

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