November 9, 2008 Podcast

09 Nov


I’m back! You missed me too, I know it. The show ran a little long this week, but one hour simply could not contain this much awesome.

A quick question…

For future shows, would you rather have one two hour show every other week, or should it stay as it is, with one hour every week? Your feedback is appreciated!

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Time: 68:52
File Size: 94.6MB

Tracks played:
01. Abrasive Wheels – Voice Of Youth (The Riot City Years)
02. Beat Beat Beat – Psycho (Shadows)
03. Belching Penguins – Suburban Life (Draft Beer… Not Me)
04. Black Flag – I Don’t Care (Everything Went Black)
05. Ill Repute – Clean Cut American Kid (Positive Charged)
06. Bodies – Left-Right (Addicted To You)
07. Reatards – She Don’t Know (I Lie Too)
08. Fire Exit – Time Wall (Killed By Death 6 compilation)
09. Rip Offs – Baby Let Go (Got a Record)
10. Thee Headcoatees – Ca Plane Pour Moi (Punk Girls)
11. Death Sentence – Feel Fucked (Not a Pretty Sight)
12. Toxic Reasons – War Hero (War Hero)
13. Graven Image – Operation Shrink (Kicked Out of the Scene)
14. Jerry’s Kidz – D.W.I (Well-Fed Society)
15. NOFX – Shitting Bricks (Maximum Rock n Roll)
16. Chronic Seizure – Can’t Live (No Bullshit Volume 3 compilation)
17. Scurvy Dogs – Botoxicated (Relieve Yourself)
18. Knife Fight – Held Back (Crisis)
19. Street Trash – Fashion For Rebellion (Street Trash)
20. Roach Motel – Make Me Sick (Worstest Hits)
21. Life Crisis – Unpeaceful Protest (Raw Aggression compilation)
22. Judge – Take Me Away (Bringin’ It Down)
23. The Mob – Spinal Tap (We Come to Crush)
24. Slapshot – Might Makes Right (Back On the Map)
25. Sheer Terror – Time Don’t Heal a Thing (Ugly and Proud)
26. Blag Dahlia – The Wicked (Venus With Arms)
27. Crucifucks – Legal Genocide (Our Will Be Done)
28. Bouncing Souls -The BMX Song (Maniacal Laughter)
29. New Bomb Turks – Up for a Downslide (Destroy Oh Boy!)
30. Bullet Lavolta – Little Tiny Pieces (The Gift)

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4 Responses to “November 9, 2008 Podcast”

  1. 1
    theonlytruepunk Says:

    Nice to see you are back! If you have time every week to put up a show, do it! If not, maybe every other week. Thanks again

  2. 2
    Mike E. Says:


    Good to see you back.

    Mike E.

  3. 3
    Tom Says:

    I vote for weekly. I’m a sucker for tradition. I miss (the obviously unrecorded) Halloween extravaganza.

  4. 4
    Chaos Radio Says:

    Glad your back!

    I vote for a weekly show, Our listeners at Chaos Radio love your program and I got a ton of emails asking why I was repeating the same show!

    Keep up the great shows! You friends at Chaos Radio!

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