November 16, 2008 Podcast

16 Nov


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Time: 57:37
File Size: 79.1MB

Tracks played:
01. New Town Animals – Forgotten Generation (Dirtnap Across the Northwest compilation)
02. Self Destruct – End of the Line (Run Your Mouth compilation)
03. Screeching Weasel – Fuck This (split with Born Against)
04. The Panics – C’mon Everybody (Please Panic!!)
05. The Flesh Eaters – Word Goes Flesh (No Questions Asked)
06. 86 Mentality – Crash the Gates (Final Exit)
07. Dementia – What You Hide (Await Disaster)
08. Inmates – Im So Scummy (Assholes Unanimous)
09. The Lewd – Beyond Moderation (Kill Yourself… Again)
10. Flesh Columns – Time’s Up (Sehweigew Vor Dem Sturm)
11. Cardiac Kidz – Get Out (single)
12. Sleeper Cell – Crucifiction (Sleeper Cell)
13. Flatliners – Kill Yourself (What a Waste)
14. Fuck Ups – I Hate You (FU 82)
15. Bleach Boys – Puke Wave (Puke Wave EP)
16. Baseball Furies – Get Activated (Greater Than Ever)
17. Brutal Knights – Grow Up Throw Up (Feast of Shame)
18. Cloak/Dagger – Electrocution (Pinata)
19. Electric Frankenstein – Cut From the Inside (How To Make a Monster)
20. The Forgotten – When You Die (The Forgotten)
21. Dead Virgins – World of Pain (unreleased)
22. Crewd – Dog Day Afternoon (Gather ‘Round)
23. Forced Anger – Peter Principle (Pent Up)
24. No Pigs – Side By Side (No Pigs)
25. 7 Seconds – We’re Gonna Fight (Walk Together, Rock Together)
26. Husker Du – Out On a Limb (Metal Circus)
27. Blight – The Dream Is Dead (The Dream Is Dead)
28. Nosebleeds – Ain’t Bin To No Music School (single)
29. Naked Raygun – Off The Edge (Last of the Demohicans)
30. The Damned – Sick Of Being Sick (Stiff Singles 1976-1977)

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2 Responses to “November 16, 2008 Podcast”

  1. 1
    theonlytruepunk Says:

    Since no one has the time to comment. I will. Thanks again for the show…it is fantastic as usual. It is a shame that I gave my Fuck Ups 7″ away when I was young. Oh well.

  2. 2
    JIm Ryan Says:

    The Cardiac Kidz will be celebrating thier 30th anniversary with a partnered vynl release from Rave Records in the summer of 2009 and a CD release from Lub-Dub Records at the end of 2009.

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