November 23, 2008

23 Nov


Nothing out of the ordinary this week. 30 songs from different decades. Requests? Visit the contact me section of the site.

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Time: 64:20
File Size: 88.3MB

Tracks played:

01. Acid Reflux – Customers Fuck Off (Acid Reflux EP)
02. Nihilistics – I’m A Patriot (Nihilistics)
03. Vile – White Collar (Solution)
04. The Detonators – Emergency Broadcast System (Yer Child’s War single)
05. Anti – Fight War Not Wars (The Hardcore Years)
06. Don’t No – The Rule (The Real World)
07. Swankys – Bad Brain (Original Swankys)
08. Mystery Dates – Protect the Innocent (Man In the Middle EP)
09. Endtables – They’re Guilty (Single)
10. MFD – Space Ants (Chapter 3 EP)
11. Murphy’s Law – Push Comes To Shove (Back With a Bong)
12. Verbal Abuse – Disintegration (Just An American Band)
13. Zyklon-B – Ku Klux Fucks and Nazi Scum (Death To Nazi Scum)
14. A.N.S. – Through Time And Space (The Pool EP)
15. Das Klown – Police Truck (The Day the Clown Cried EP)
16. Ramones – Judy is a Punk (1975 Demo)
17. The Queers – I Can’t Give You Anything (Rocket To Russia)
18. The Hanson Brothers – My Girlfriend’s A Robot (Gross Misconduct)
19. Punchpuppet – Late Again (Crazed Drunk Pedestrians EP)
20. The Dwarves – I Want You To Die (The Dwarves Come Clean)
21. Mission of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Mission of Burma CD)
22. Minor Threat – Stumped (Complete Discography)
23. Red Cross – Annette’s Got The Hits (Red Cross EP)
24. Happy World – Where Am I Going (single)
25. The Mintemen – Little Man With a Gun in His Hand (Buzz Or Howl Under the Influence of Heat)
26. The Hives – Well, Well, Well (Barely Legal)
27. Hunches – Shake That Thing (Dance Alone single)
28. Fucked Up – Teenage Problems (Dangerous Fumes single)
29. Anti Flag – I’m Having a Good Day (Their System Doesn’t Work For Me)
30. Huns – Glad He’s Dead (single)

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