November 30, 2008 Podcast

30 Nov


Want your band played on the show? Visit the submissions page for my info.

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Time: 58:39
File Size: 80.5MB

Tracks played:
01. Cause For Alarm – In Search Of (Cause For Alarm EP)
02. Saigon – Life Is So Fun (Annihilation EP)
03. Knockabouts – Sick Society (Knockabouts EP)
04. Victims – Television Addict (All Loud On the Western Front)
05. T.M.A. – Electric Shock (What’s For Dinner?)
06. Dirty Sweets – Teenage Jerk (Bubblegum Damaged)
07. Disappointments – Less Than Three (Reasons To Revolt)
08. SNFU – Get Off Your Ass (…And No One Else Wanted to Play)
09. Uniform Choice – Sometimes (Screaming For Change)
10. Unruled – Lost Cause (Time Is Running Out single)
11. White Pigs – New Life (White Pigs EP)
12. Germs – Throw It Away (Cruising soundtrack)
13. Secret Hate – Midas Touch (Vegetables Dancing EP)
14. Dayglo Abortions – I Killed Mommy (Feed Us a Fetus)
15. The Target Cells – Live Fast Die Young (Hardcore From the Early Days compilation)
16. Floorpunch – Not For Me (Fast Times At the Jersey Shore)
17. Infest – Screwed (Still Fighting)
18. Life Trap – Worthless (Bleak Reality EP)
19. CIA – Tighten Up the Noose (CIA)
20. Charge – Destroy the Youth (EP)
21. The Frantix – My Dads A Fucking Alcoholic (LP)
22. Kaos – Alcoholiday (Product of a Sick Mind EP)
23. Big Boys – Fight Back (The Fat Elvis)
24. D.I. – Uncontrollable Urge (Team Goon)
25. Fugazi – Public Witness Program (In On the Kill Taker)
26. Rousers – Rock ‘N’ Roll Or Run (A Treat Of New Beat)
27. DV8 – Guns On the Right (Learn To Say Goodbye single)
28. The Ex – Keep on Hoppin’ (Singles. Period)
29. Godhead – New Lottery (single)
30. Urinals – Ack Ack Ack Ack (Negative Capability…Check it Out!)Подаръци

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