January 4, 2009 Podcast

04 Jan


Back “live”. I trust everyone had a satisfactory holiday season and is now back in their normal grind. Here is the first show of 2009. Thanks to all of you who left a comment or sent me an email with condolences regarding the recent death in my family, it was much appreciated. The show’s a little longer than usual this week by about 10 minutes, so the file size may be larger than expected. Sorry about that!

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Time: 69:00
File Size: 94.8MB

Tracks played:
01. Sham 69 – Borstal Breakout (Singles Collection)
02. Jon Cougar Concentration Camp – Reason For The Season (Hot Shit)
03. The Dickies – Banana Splits (single)
04. Zany Guys – Ballroom Blitz (More Coffee For The Politicians comp.)
05. Dee Dee Ramone – Beat On The Brat (Greatest and Latest)
06. Insane – Why Die (single)
07. Death Sentence – Die a Hero (Death and Pure Destruction)
08. Raw Power – State Oppression (You Are the Victim)
09. Rosemary’s Babies – Talking To the Dead (Blood Lust)
10. Fartz – Is This The Way? (Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks)
11. Bang Gang – Dickhead (Cottage Cheese From the Lips Of Death comp.)
12. Ill Repute – President (What Happened Then)
13. Saigon – Anti-Vogue (Annihilation)
14. Rude Kids – Charlie (single)
15. Sick Pleasure – Three Seconds Of Pleasure (Dolls Under Control)
16. Deep Sleep – Lost In Space (You’re Screwed)
17. Chronic Seizure – Sleepwalker (Brainsick)
18. Cloak/Dagger – J.C. Pays The Bills (We Are)
19. Shirkers – Drunk & Disorderly (single)
20. Graveyard Girl Scouts – Roach Motel Hell (Bat in the Box)
21. Rock Bottom And The Spys – Deathtrap (single)
22. The Not – Stop It (unreleased)
23. Cracked Actor – Nazi School (single)
24. Falsh Prophets – 7 Deadly Sins (Blind Roaches and Fat Vultures Phantasmagorical Beasts
of the Reagan Era)
25. Minutemen – Little Man With a Gun in His Hand (Buzz Or Howl Under the Influence Of Heat)
26. The Chumps – Fuck You, I’m Rich (Invent Rock ‘n’ Roll)
27. Angry Samoans – My Old Man’s a Fatso (Unboxed Set)
28. Electric Frankenstein – A Singers Blood (single)
29. Scurvy Dogs – Botoxicated (Relieve Yourself)
30. Virus Nine – Generation Hexed (What Are You Afraid Of?)

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