February 15, 2009 Podcast

15 Feb

UPDATE: Links are fixed.


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Time: 54:11
File Size: 74.4MB

Tracks played:

01. Bark Hard – To Myself (Bark Hard)
02. Forced Anger – Old Fart Drivers (Pent Up)
03. Jerry’s Kids – Tear It Up (Is This My World?)
04. Bad Posture – Get Tough (GDMFSOB)
05. Cheifs – Cheifin’ (Holly-West Crisis)
06. Evacuate – Give You Nothing (Evacuate)
07. Agnostic Front – Last Warning (Victim In Pain)
08. Acid Reflux – Not Another Day (Secret Power)
09. BBQ Chickens – Fight Until You Die (Goodbye To Your Punk Rock)
10. Brain Handle – Smiling (single)
11. Beat Beat Beat – Where The Birdmen Fly (Living In the Future)
12. Hates – Do The Caryl Chessman (single)
13. Social Circkle – USSA (Static Eyes)
14. Verbal Assault – Running (Trial)
15. Broken Needle – Who The Fuck Are You? (Broken Needle)
16. Hollywood Squares – Hillside Strangler (single)
17. Suzannes – Teenage Abortion (New Disease)
18. Sector 4 – Jump On You (Disclexia)
19. Reds – I Hate Rules (It’s About Time)
20. Suicide Commandos – Monster Au Go Go (The Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert)
21. The Mormons – Mormons Theme Song (The Mormons)
22. Public Disturbance – It’s About Time (Public Disturbance)
23. Stark Raving Mad – Problem (MX)
24. Warkrime – World War Three (Tighten Up)
25. Chicken Bowels – No Control (Keep Our Fire Burning)
26. Sick Pleasure – Herpies Virus Two (Dolls Under Control)
27. Social Spit – All the Beggars (Psycho Ward)
28. Stretch Marks – Dogs World (Who’s In Charge)
29. Isocracy – Funky Breakwire (Bedtime For Isocracy)
30. Waste – Dig Up The Duke (Not Just Something To Be Sung)

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