March 14, 2009 Podcast

08 Mar

It’s the Better Late Than Never edition.


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Time: 59:18
File Size: 81.4MB

Songs this week:
01. Brain Handle – The Dilemma (single)
02. Menstrual Cycles – Rejected From The Premises (Half Skin, Half Punx EP)
03. Pink Lincolns – Bad T.V. (Back From the Pink Room)
04. Part Time Christians – Strength Through Bowling (Rock and Roll Is Disco EP)
05. Necros – Past Comes Back To Haunt Me (IQ 32 EP)
06. Lime Spiders – That’s How It Will Be (Slave Girl EP)
07. Frantix – Tomorrow (My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic)
08. Roach Motel – Make Me Sick (Worstest Hits)
09. Negative Gain – Piss Me Off (Back From the Dead)
10. Broken Talent – My Old Man (Blood Slut EP)
11. Maids – I Do I Do (Back to Bataan single)
12. The Rejects – Barbed Wire Baby (EEG single)
13. ISM – I Think I Love You (Killed By Death Volume 4 compilation)
14. The Urge – Nerves (The Urge in 1977 single)
15. Prostitutes – Suicide is Fun (This Is Punk Rock That’s Real compilation)
16. The Meatmen – Orgy of One (Stud Powercock)
17. Misguided – You Bore Me (Bring It Down EP)
18. Mau Maus – Sex Girls In Uniform (Hell Comes To Your House 2 compilation)
19. Lust – I’m Annoyed (Dread In New York EP)
20. Nervous Gender – Monsters (Music From Hell split with Beelzebub Youth)
21. Nations of Finks – Love Hardcore, Hate You (Return of the Pissed Off Bastards EP)
22. F-Minus – Spit At The Truth (F-Minus)
23. New Bomb Turks – Veronica Lake (Veronica Lake EP)
24. Feederz – Break It All (Beautiful As a Rock In a Cop’s Face)
25. Leftover Crack – The Good, The Bad & The Leftover Crack (Mediocre Generica)
26. Abrasive Wheels – Criminal Youth (The Riot City Years 1981-1982)
27. Lights Out – Won’t Survive (Overload)
28. Out With a Bang – Cursed from Birth (I’m Against It)
29. Personality Crisis – The Advocate (1979-1984)
30. Inferno – Like An Undead (Old School/High School)

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