March 22, 2009 Podcast

22 Mar


I’m not a big stat checker, and haven’t looked at how much bandwidth the podcast uses in a long time. The last time I checked was about a year ago and the show ate about 40-50 gigs a month, sometimes only 30 or so. Not bad I thought, this thing peaked which is fine. Well I just took a look at past logs. In December of 2008 the show used up 400 gigs of bandwidth. I’m truly shocked that the crappy little hour of music I cobble together is being downloaded by so many people. I expected to see a number close to the original which lets me think “who gives a fuck if I miss another Sunday, nobody listens anyways”. Not the case apparently! I’m glad the shows are listened to at all and hope everyone is enjoying them. I’ll do my best to get back to the weekly thing, it’s more out of laziness that I’ve slacked recently than almost anything else. While the trend seems to be going down a little (300 gigs used in January and 180 in February), it’s still pretty great that anyone likes this thing and I thank you for giving me a little of your time.


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Time: 55:51
File Size: 76.7MB

Tracks played:

01. Chronic Seizure – Over My Shoulder (Ancient Wound)
02. Cause For Alarm – Poison in the Machine (Cause For Alarm EP)
03. Condominium – Let’s Die (Hello Tomorrow EP)
04. Street Trash – What the Shit (Street Trash EP)
05. The Sick – We Will (Killing My Hope)
06. Pedestrians – Violent Red (Ideal Divide)
07. Bark Hard – No Will Power (Bark Hard)
08. Life Trap – Bleak Reality (Bleak Reality EP)
09. The Snobs – Skate Holiday (Control EP)
10. Reprobates – Stress (Stress EP)
11. Lost Kids – Cola Freaks (single)
12. Radiators – Television Screen (single)
13. Randoms – Let’s Get Rid of New York (A B C D single)
14. Teenage Popeye – Life Is Cheap (Modern Problems EP)
15. The Enemy – Bang Bang You’re Dead (single)
16. The Mad – Eyeball (single)
17. The Panics – No Feelings (Please Panic!!)
18. Braineaters – Fun Time (single)
19. Blanks – Understand (Northern Ripper single)
20. Criminal Class – Soldier (Fighting the System single)
21. Cut the Shit – Boston Cops (Harmed and Dangerous)
22. Commies – Drop That Needle (Rock-n-Roll Alone)
23. The Ex – Human Car (Singles. Period)
24. Le Shok – Give Me Something Help Me Please (We Are Electrocution)
25. Detention – Dead Rock and Rollers (single)
26. Code of Honor – Stolen Faith (Complete Studio Recordings)
27. Sluggo – Erase The Thought (Contradiction EP)
28. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum (single)
29. Spent Idols – Oh No (Here We Go Again) (Punk Uprisings Volume 1 compilation)
30. Complete Disorder – We Must Do Something Now (The Thing That Ate Floyd compilation)

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